Fan Control System of Thenow Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

The temperature and humidity in the wine storage area(wine room or wine cabinet) are measured by the temperature and humidity sensor set at the return air outlet of Thenow wine cellar cooling units. On this way, the cooling units will automatically turn on or turn off the compressor and humidifier according to the set point.

Default value of our internal fan is ‘Always On’. When the temperature and humidity in the wine cellar reach the set points, the internal fan will still keep running. And the difference between turn on and turn off the circulating fan:

1. If turn off the circulating fan, the advantage is that the power consumption will be reduced and lower noise; The disadvantage is that the temperature in the wine cabinet or wine room may be uneven, and the measured temperature is different from the actual temperature in the wine cabinet or wine room.

2. If keep the circulating fan ‘Always On’, the advantage is that the temperature measured is more accurate, meantime, the cooling air is more evenly distributed. And its disadvantage is the advantage when turning off the circulating fan.

Wine has strict requirements on temperature. The normal storage temperature of wine is 10℃~16℃, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 24℃. Otherwise, the style of precious wine will be damaged. Also the change of temperature will affect the ripening speed and taste of wine. If the storage temperature of the wine fluctuates frequently, or the temperature is too high or too low, the taste will be rough and delicate, and it will also affect the wine owner's control on the aging time.

The temperature change is not only causes the thermal expansion and contraction, which is the most likely to cause the wine to seep out of the cork and accelerate the oxidation of the wine. The most important thing is that the sudden change of temperature will cause the wine to produce unwanted substances during the aging process, resulting in flavor variation or even deterioration. A cellar that is too cold will cause the wine to grow slowly and wait longer, and a cellar that is too hot will ripen too quickly, with less richness and finesse. Therefore, constant temperature control is the key to wine cellar design.

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