Several Spanish Wines Worth Trying

Spanish wine production has a long history, but Spanish wines are often not as well known internationally as French and Italian wines.  Therefore, the price of Spanish wine is very reasonable and it is worth learning. You may be surprised that Spain is the country with the most vines in the world!

Below are some of the most popular wines produced in Spain.

Rioja-This is Spain's most famous red wine, produced in the La Rioja region in the northeast of the country, only 200 miles from the famous Bordeaux vineyards in France.  Rioja wines are made from a blend of various grapes. Depending on how the wine is produced, they can also be white or rose. The grapes used in Rioja wines include Tempranillo, Grenache, Tinta and Mazuelo.

Sherry-Spain produces some of the best sherry in the world.  Sherry is a fortified wine made by adding brandy at the end of the wine or after fermentation.  Sherry can be very dry or very sweet, and is usually used as an aperitif or a post-dinner drink to cool slightly.

Madeira-a sweet fortified wine, very popular among early American colonists.

Muscat wine-This is a sweet fortified wine produced in several wine regions in Spain.  It is made from Muscat grapes, and Spain often uses it to make sherry.

Cava- a Spanish sparkling wine. Compared with champagne or California sparkling wine, its price is very reasonable.

Sangria- Sangria is not a wine, but a wine-based beverage, which is very popular in Spain, especially in the hot summer.

Sangria is usually made from Rioja red wine with the addition of fruits ( citrus fruits), sweeteners (such as sugar, honey or simple syrup) and brandy or other spirits.

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