Positive Drainage, No Need Water Trap

During cooling operation, when the surface temperature of the indoor heat exchanger of the air conditioner is lower than the indoor dew point temperature, the air passing through the heat exchanger will condense on the surface of the evaporator to form a water mill, which is called condensation or condensation. It is treated in the air conditioner condensed water The field mainly involves the following aspects: condensed water collection structure, condensed water removal, cold utilization, humidification, water source recovery and utilization. For the drainage of condensed water, there are mainly three methods involved: gravity, water sealing and mechanical lifting.

1. Gravity

Taking newly built buildings as an example, if gravity drainage is not considered in the design stage, you may encounter difficult problems when installing gravity drainage systems. For another example, it may be difficult to consider adding air-conditioning systems after the construction is completed. The gravity drainage system requires that the air conditioner be installed on the wall closest to the outer wall, and there must be enough space for gravity drainage. However, if the location of gravity drainage is not planned in advance, as a result, the air conditioner may be installed at a distance from the outer wall or in a machine room with limited space, so that it is difficult to use gravity drainage to discharge condensed water.

2. Water Seal (U bend)

Because the place where the condensate is generated is in a negative pressure state, and the condensate in the negative pressure state cannot be discharged out of the box, in order to ensure the effective discharge of the condensate, a U-bend of a certain height must be set on the drainage pipeline to The discharge condensate in the U-bend can form the height difference motive force necessary to discharge the condensate, and does not cause outdoor air to be drawn into the unit, which seriously affects the normal discharge of condensate. However, the U-bend height is insufficient due to site reasons or problems with the construction personnel. Condensate drips from the surrounding of the box, which will seriously cause the machine to stop.

3. Mechanical lift

However, for home improvement places, indoor units are generally installed on the ceiling, with little room for improvement. The advantages of the lift pump cannot be brought into play, and it does not make sense to have a lift pump.

Drainage method of Thenow Cooling Units--Positive pressure drainage

What is positive pressure drainage?

The discharge of condensate on the positive pressure side of the fan outlet is called positive pressure drainage.

Advantages of positive pressure drainage:

1. Avoid the disadvantages of the above three drainage methods;

2. Always keep clean and dry

3. No need drain trap