What is The Difference between a Regular Air Conditioner and Wine Cellar Cooling System?

Lower Demand Temperature

  • Regular air conditioners are meant to go down to 18oC, possibly 16oC at the lowest. But wine is meant to be stored at around 12oC in order to age and evolve properly. Especially for expensive red wines, the right temperature is crucial for long-term storage.

Slower Rate Cooling

  • Standard AC units are built to cool the air quickly and to draw the humidity out of the air to make the room feels comfortable. However, it is the worst thing for wine maturation, cause the humidity helps to keep corks moist. Wine cellar cooling units are designed to cool the air at a much slower rate to maintain a constant humidity in the room. In many cellars humidification component can be added to raise the humidity if wines are stored in a dry place.

All Year Running

  • Normally wine cellar cooling units are always designed to run all year round without interruption. However,the failure rate of standard AC units is very high at such a frequency running.

Humidification Function

  • Thenow's wine cooling units with build-in humidifier, this is obviously a normal AC unit cannot provide

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