Ventilating Dehumidifier-GSL Series

Ventilating Dehumidifier-GSL Series
Indoor humidity produced by human activity(showering, cooking, perspiring, and even breathing) can build up to very high level, it does more than make us uncomfortable. This can encourage the growth of organisms harmful to our health, and over time, it`s bad for the structure and furnishings, such as rusting. Besides, without sufficient ventilation, we cannot be guaranteed with enough fresh air either. At the same time indoor CO2 and other harmful odors cannot drift away.
  • Product Description
So here we combine the dehumidifier and ventilator together to provide occupiers with fresh and dry comfortable air. This is Thenow whole house ventilating dehumidifier. GSL Series is ducted dehumidifier. Besides, it brings in fresh air and exhausts stale indoor air and realizes heat recovery to save energy. What's more, GSL series can use the consumers'original capillary water network. The device can use its dehumidifying feature. Besides, with this network we can also make the system into constant temperature, humidity and oxygen. But it's customized.

Features of Ventilating Dehumidifier-GSL Series

  • Double cold source
  • Dehumidifying based on not only the compressor but also the original capillary water network. Two cold sources, thus lower energy consuming and better dehumidifying performance.
  • Air Purification system:
  • Fresh Air channel: Pre filter + Medium Filter + HEPA Filter
  • Exhaust Air Channel: Pre filter and photocatalyst activated carbon at option
  • Fresh air in; Stale air out
  • Advance touch sensitive panel with intelligent controller and user friendly operation (Air Quality index display). Standard 485 interface, WIFI available.

Specifications & Technical Parameter of Whole House Dehumidification

Model Power Supply Air Supply(m³/h)  Fresh Air Supply(m³/h) Exhaust air volume(m³/h) Power(w)                               Dehumidification Capacity Dehumidification Capacity Residual pressure Air Return+The sum of the length of outlet duct(M) Application Area(m²)
The height of 2.6 meters
Noise(d/B A) Shape size(mm) Diameter of fresh air inlet(mm) Fresh Air Supply(mm) Air inlet diameter(mm) Diameter of air outlet(mm)
CXT50/400-GSL01 1PH/220V/50Hz 400 0-200 0-150 740 50 70 15 <80 55 1270*699*283 ø110 ø110 ø110 ø110
CXT70/500-GSL01 1PH/220V/50Hz 500 0-250 0-200 1230 70 80 18 <120 58 1270*699*283 ø160 ø110 ø110 ø110
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