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Functions of Wine Cellar Cooling System Wine storage began in the underground caves of Europe. These caves provided the consistent storing conditions that allowed wine to age at an elegant pace. By convention, these conditions have become t... More
Ventilation Thenow Ventilation products include Energy Recovery Ventilator(ERV), Heat Recovery Ventilator(HRV) and some single ventilator (without heat recovery core) to helps supply fresh filtered air. More
Humidity Control For Thenow humid control series, we have the ventilating dehumidifier and central dehumidifier. Cycling comfortable oxygen, enjoy the fresh air with windows closed, outdoor noise away. More
About Thenow
Thenow Group Shanghai Headquarter factory covers an area of more than 53,000 square meters. We have more than 16 years' experience in air quality control area. Our product lines are as follows: wine cellar climate control system,energy recovery ventilator/heat recovery ventilator; ventilating dehumidifier and central dehumidifier; energy recovery heat pump etc.

Our factory has complete and advanced processing equipment for both spare parts and whole device, such as sheet metal workshop, heat exchanger core, air filter elements etc. As for the R&D department, we have a team with more than 30 persons. Besides, we have various state-of-the-art laboratories, such as enthalpy laboratory, wind tunnel laboratory (including falling down, shaking), aging test room, whole device performance test room, PCB test, noise test room, etc. Certainly, our product has many invention patents and certificates, such as Chinese 3C, CE, EMC test, ISO, IAF and so on. Warmly welcome you to send us an inquiry and know more about us.
Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J150 Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J150: Three speed air flow under auto control to maintain the ideal environment for long-term w... More
Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J90 Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J90: Pull-out design wet film module, easy to replace More
Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J60 Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J60: Full touch control system, famous brand sensors, stable quality and performance. More
Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System Thenow wine cellar cooling units split system is intended for cellars without access to proper ventilation. They are known for their efficie... More
Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J15 Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J15: Auto cooling and heating mode, keep wine cellar under constant temperature. More
Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J30 Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J30: Adopt circulating water wet-film auto control humidification system,wet film is made of Sw... More
Wine Cellar Cooling Units Self-contained / HSN-J15-Z Wine Cellar Cooling Units Self-contained / HSN-J15-Z: Suitable temperature between 10~16oC and humidity maintenance within 50~75% RH More
Wine Cellar Cooling Units Self-contained / HSN-J10-Z Wine Cellar Cooling Units Self-contained / HSN-J10-Z: Condenser and evaporator combined inside one appliance, easy and fast to install More
Wine Cellar Cooling Units Self-contained Thenow wine cellar cooling units self-contained is best suited for home or light commercial proper wine storage. This unit is intended for u... More
Ventilating Dehumidifier-GS Series GS Series Whole house ventilating dehumidifier with ducts expanded to different areas, thus controlling the humidity wholly.It can not only ... More
Residential Ceiling ERV/HRV With HEPA System-AG Series Thenow residential ceiling mounted energy recovery ventilator-HEPA Series added HEPA filters after G3 or F7 filter to work high efficiently. More
Energy Recovery Ventilator Heat Pump Nowadays, the standards of people's living are improving, not only to install air-conditioning, floor heating, and better-conditioned homes,... More
Wine Room The secret to a successful wine room is climate control, a beautiful wine cellar or wine room deserves a stable and reliable cooling system to match, if temperature and humidity are not controlled properly, your precious wine may not age in the right way, More
Wine Room
Wine Cabinet Wine cabinets are widely used in the finest restaurants, hotels, clubs and private home all over the world. Thenow’s self-contained and plug-in cooling units are specially designed for wine cabinet, ... More
Wine Cabinet
Wine Wall Wine walls are essentially a wall of wine bottles, it offers a perfect solution for those who would like a feature wall with all the benefits of a cellar, but taking minimal space in a room. Nowadays,... More
Wine Wall
Basements A basement wine cellar is always built at the part of a building that is entirely or partly below ground, though this area is already chilly, wine doesn’t just need to be kept in a cool place, it nee... More
Passive House Ventilating/dehumidifying/Air conditioning in passive house. More
Passive House
Ventilation Thenow's ventilation system products including: energy recovery ventilator(ERV), ventilating dehumidifier, super air system, floor standing ERV and wall-mounted ventilator. Below cases are various app... More
How to Maintain the Constant Temperature and Humidity Machine in the Wine Cellar Wine seems to have been a symbol of a better life, and it also shows the state and status of the owner. There is an increasing number of people who prefer consuming and collecting wine. Wine is usuall... More
How Exactly should the Temperature of the Wine Cellar be Controlled? Most experts suggest that the ideal storage temperature should be between 11-14℃(between 52-55 degr... More
What are the Functions of the Wine Cellar Climate Control System Although the wine is pretty, the storage of many wines in the cellar is difficult because the temper... More