Can Wines Be Returned To The Cellar After They Have Been Opened?

The best temperature for wine storage is usually 10°C.Generally speaking, the temperature of 7 to 18°C is not harmful. But you need to try to avoid the temperature fluctuations in the wine cellar. Unstable temperature will affect the quality of wine.  Try to avoid long-term storage of wine above 20°C, and not below 0°C. This will cause the wine to stone and reduce the acidity of the wine.

Generally, after the wine is opened, put it in a cool and ventilated place, and it can be stored for up to 2-3 days. If you want to extend the storage time, after opening the bottle, you should use an air pump to remove the air from the bottle, and then plug the cork back, and put the bottle upright in a cool and ventilated place. You can also pour a large bottle of wine into a small bottle, as full as possible, and then plug the bottle with a cork. This can reduce the oxygen in the bottle and delay the oxidation time of wine. It is recommended to divide the unfinished red wine into small bottles and drink each bottle as soon as possible.

The best temperature for storing red wine is 10℃-15℃. If stored in an environment above 25°C, the red wine will lose its delicate taste, and what's more, it will taste like it has been cooked. If the temperature is too low, the wine will swell, the wine will overflow, and the cork will be pushed out of the bottle, causing the wine to be oxidized and bacteria to grow.  Finally, the expired red wine does not need to be discarded, and it is also very good to make cold dishes, sweet and sour dishes.

Red wine is not that the older the better.  The vintage on the red wine refers to the wine made with the grapes of that year. Most (99%) wines do not have aging ability, and the best drinking period varies with different wines, generally between 2 and 10 years. Only a few particularly good wines have aging ability.  Some of the top wines from France and Italy have aging ability for decades or even hundreds of years. Many wines from Bordeaux's top wineries are still suitable for drinking even if they have been preserved for more than a century.
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