Four Advantages of Ductless Air Exchanger Compared with Common Centralized Air Exchanger

1. It is easy to install and can be installed in a well-decorated house.

Because of the need to lay air ducts to each room, the common centralized fresh air system can only be carried out in the new decoration, so that the ugly air ducts can be sealed with ceiling gypsum board, or buried under the floor with ground heating. This kind of construction project is more cumbersome. It is unavoidable to punch more than ten or twenty holes in the wall of the house, and the construction period is also longer.

There is no need to lay pipes indoors for a ductless air exchanger. It only needs to dig one or two wall holes on the outside wall and install a ductless air exchanger like a heater, so that the fresh air outside can be introduced, the dirty air inside can be discharged. It completes the function of fresh air ventilation. Like split air conditioning, it can be easily installed in a well-decorated home.

2. Save indoor space

Because there is no duct, there is no problem that the duct of the centralized fresh air system occupies the space under the ceiling or floor. It only needs to highlight a machine space similar to the heater on the wall. Relatively speaking, the indoor space occupies less, and the value space occupied by the duct is released. You know, the house price is not a joke.

3. Each room is controlled independently, with high flexibility and electricity saving.

There is a problem of energy consumption in the operation of an air exchanger. The principle of ductless air exchanger is to install multiple fresh air devices in different rooms, which are responsible for the fresh air function of different rooms. Therefore, you can turn off the machine in the living room or study during the night, and only turn on the fresh air in the bedroom. Also, once the machine fails, the centralized air exchanger can not be used normally, and this ductless air exchanger is relatively more flexible. Also, no duct means lower duct pressure drop loss and lower air leakage rate. In this way, the power of the fan can be lower, the noise is lower and the electricity is saved.

4. Easy maintenance

A few years later, centralized fresh air system pipes are to accumulate ash, and there is a risk of secondary pollution. It needs to spend money regularly to clean it. If the wall-mounted machines are equipped with a ductless air exchanger, it will not be polluted by dirty ducts that are difficult to clean. It always keeps clean and sanitary.

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