Wine Cellar Air Conditioning And Fresh Air System In Personal Cellar Design

In the design of private villa wine cellar, temperature control is the most important thing. Ifthe temperature is not proper for the wine storage, the wine cellar will lose its value. In addition to good natural conditions, the temperaturecontrolequipment of the wine cellar is also very important. The wine cellar air conditioning and fresh air system have strict restrictions, mainly to ensure that the temperature of the wine cellar is always at a constantlevel.Thenow recommend you choosing the proper wine cellar air conditioning together with fresh air system. Ground source heat pump central air conditioning can be installed if possible. Ground source heat pumps are generally not affected by external weather conditions. Ensure the wine cellar as much as possiblein a constant temperature state. In addition, the energy consumption of the ground source heat pump central air conditioning is very low. If the wine cellar air conditioning and fresh air system are frequently turned on,using of ground source heat pumps can also save a lot ofmoney. In addition, we should also add a set of fresh air system to the wine cellar to keep the room ventilated under the condition of ensuring the constant temperature in the room to avoid moldy wine. In short, the wine cellar air conditioning and fresh air system should have the following characteristics:

1. Wide range of application, flexible and easy to install.

2. High efficiency.
3.Maintenance easily.
4. Quality reliable.

Of course, many other factors must be considered in the design of a private villa wine cellar. The formation of the wine cellar culture requires time to settle and the owner's care, and more importantly, the owner's pursuit of life taste and love for wine culture. Private villa wine cellar design is the highest art.

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