Wine Cellar Air Conditioners Are Indispensible for Storing the Fine Wine

1. Different kinds of wines should be stored with wine cellar air conditioners

Many people think that red wine is wine what we normally think of. In fact, this view is completely wrong. Red wine means red grape wine, but generally speaking, the term red wine exists as a general term for wine.

There is a wide variety of wines, generally divided into two categories: non-sparkling wine and sparkling wine. But generally speaking, we can divide wine into the following five types:

(1) Static wine: red wine, white wine, rose wine;

(2) Sparkling wine: champagne;

(3) Fortified wine: Porter, Shirley, natural sweet wine;

(4) Flavored wine: vermouth;

(5) Pinot Noir.

2. Wine cellar air conditioners are indispensible for storing the fine wine

(1) How to store your beloved wine

Find a cool, quiet corner as a place to store wine. Avoid strong or unusual smells (such as paint, durian) and excessive temperature that affects the wine; don't be too addicted to it to take it out and enjoy wiping. The last thing wine needs is shaking and light stimulation.

(2) Long-term storage, better to lie them down

If you want to store wine for a period of time, it is best to let the bottles lie flat, the purpose is to make the cork contact with the wine to maintain infiltration. If the bottles are placed upright, the cork will be over-dried, which will allow air to enter and destroy the wine quality.

(3) Control the temperature and humidity of the wine cellar

If you want to achieve precise temperature and humidity control, of course you must choose wine cellar air conditioner. Even if you do the previous two points when storing fine wines, if you don't have the assistance of the wine cellar air conditioner to make the temperature and humidity of the wine cellar balanced and appropriate, everything is "useless".

The wine cellar air conditioner has four major systems: humidification system, dehumidification system, heating system and refrigeration system. Through monitoring and judgment of the external environment, it can automatically adjust the humidity and temperature to a balance value, so that the wine can be preserved more tastefully!

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