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Stunning Cellar Design Concept

A great cellar is to create a controlled environment. Whether it is located in a large mansion or a small apartment, the design options are almost unlimited. However, if the temperature and humidity are not properly controlled, your precious wines may not age in the right way.
Our cellar creative overview shows some of the most creative designs. If you are considering building your cellar at home, these design ideas and guidelines should provide some inspiration.
Cellar climate control
Climate control will determine your cellar. Wine is a delicate thing, and if it's too high or too low, the ageing process can go wrong.
In terms of temperature,55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius) is recognized as the best choice. 3-4 ranges above or below this temperature are acceptable. In chemistry, we know that the increase in temperature will increase the reaction speed. If your cellar is too warm, your wine will age too fast and react unnecessarily. This can damage the quality and taste of the wine. On the other hand, if the conditions are too cold, the chemical reaction will slow down and the ageing rate of wine will be much slower.
Another aspect of temperature can damage wine, which is variability. Without proper climate control, the temperature of the cellar will remain constant between cold and hot. In many cases, corks that seal wine are not100% airtight. With the expansion and contraction of temperature change, oxygen enters the bottle. As any wine connoisseur knows, too much wine will damage the taste of a wine due to excessive oxidation.
As for the humidity, the micro-tidal conditions in the basement are good. A slightly higher humidity prevents the cork from drying, which may affect the quality of the seal. The ideal humidity level is57%, ideal maximum 70%, minimum 50%. If it's too high, the biggest risk is mould formation in corks, which can damage the wine. Also, it may damage any label on the bottle.
Once you decide to build a cellar at home, the first thing you need to consider is to always maintain the right conditions. How to do this depends on the size and location of the cellar. Compared with small cellars, large cellars need a lot of climate control work. If you choose a prefabricated wine cabinet or cabinet; it may have installed climate control mechanisms, reducing most of your burden.

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