The Function of Ventilator

The specific functions of ventilating can be divided as:

3. It is mildew proof and removes peculiar smell. It discharges the damp and dirty air, fundamentally killing the peculiar smell, stopping going mouldy and breeding ground for bacteria, which is beneficial to lengthen the service life of architecture and furniture.

4. It reduces the pollution of noise. You will not be bothered because of opening the window, making the room quieter and more comfortable.

5. It is dust-free. It keeps a lot of dust brought by opening the window, effectively filtrating the air from outside so the air entering into the indoors will be clean.

6. It lowers energy consumption. It will run for all seasons but the KWH is much lower than that of your refrigerator. Moreover, it can recycle the energy exhausted outside, reducing the loss of heat source and cool source inside the room in summer or winter at utmost. So, the energy consumption of air conditioner is lessened.

7. It is safe and convenient. It will keep you from hidden troubles of property and personal security on account of opening the window. Even though there is nobody home, the ventilating can work automatically.

It can be reflected from the introduction of the functions of ventilating that, it is the most effective way to the improvement of air quality and the realization of ventilation. It can lower energy consumption, protect health, prevent dust and noises, and level up the amenity of lives. The houses newly-built is commonly equipped with central ventilating, which is also a selling point. As people are getting familiar to ventilating, it has been gradually used in households. And ventilating becomes a necessity of healthy living.
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