HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects

Thenow Ventilating Dehumidifier Go Ahead With Advantage
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's economic level and the gradual increase of national income, people's requirements for the comfort of the home environment are getting higher and higher, and the household products are more and more biased towards quality consumption rather than basic consumption. With the arrival of consumption upgrades, the HVAC industry facing the integration of comfortable home systems is also leading a new round of challenges, either in time to take active measures to skyrocket, or to ignore market development. Recently, HC Internation INC. went into Shanghai Thenow Purification Technology Co., Ltd., and interviewed Mr. Wang Yong -general manager of Thenow, to chat with you about the development story of Thenow.

HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects
HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects

General Manager-Mr.Wang

Win-win Cooperation,Customers Win First

According to Mr. Wang’s introduction: Thenow brand belongs to Kapital Group which is from Singapore. Kapital has been always focusing on improving people's indoor air quality. Thenow Group Shanghai Headquarter factory covers an area of more than 53,000 square meters, and with more than 16 years' experience in air quality control area. Thenow product lines are as follows: energy recovery ventilator/heat recovery ventilator; ventilating dehumidifier and central dehumidifier; computer room air conditioner; swimming pool dehumidifier and air conditioner; wine cellar climate control system.

HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects
HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects
Thenow Production Base in Jinshan District, Shanghai

Air purification is only part of the function of the fresh air system

Since 2013, in autumn and winter period, some cities in China will be invaded by smog, which will not only interfere with the line of sight but also pose a threat to human health. It was also during this period that the air purification equipment with purifies the air slogan was born, and the wind-smelting industry took advantage of the smog to make the fresh air purification industry develop rapidly in China. Up to now, many people have been aware of the air purification function of the fresh air system, but it is not only this.
Mr. Wang Yong said: according to the datas from Europe and the United States where with relatively high air quality, the popularity of fresh air systems is as high as 90%. This fully shows that it is not only the haze genius that needs the fresh air system. Moreover, in the eyes of industry professionals, air purification is only a part of the function of the fresh air system, and with the increase of environmental protection requirements by local governments, the problem of this phase of smog will eventually be solved, and people will also recognize the importance of fresh air system. As the popularity increases, it will be understood that, besides removing cockroaches, the role of the fresh air system is to purify air pollutants such as carbon dioxide, pollen, and ammonia in the air to improve the quality of indoor air. Prevent respiratory diseases and protect human health.

If you can sell "ice cream" in winter, you can sell it well in the summer.

Since the second half of 2018, with the development of the international environment, the real estate consumption market has become more rational, which has led to a short period of decline in the building materials and decoration market. It has also had a certain impact on the decoration market and the development of the HVAC industry, entered the "cold winter". However, this "winter" period is staged because the public has a demand for comfortable home products, but this demand is solved by the decoration company and the designer. For HVAC, what needs to be done at this stage is to strengthen the brand building, improve the service level, serve the current customers as much as possible, promote the innovation and development of products, reduce the cost and optimize the price, so as to improve the competitiveness. Through this "winter period". As Mr. Wang Yong said: If you can sell "ice cream" in winter, you can sell it well in the summer.

HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects

Thenow Production Line of Precision Air Conditioners and Dehumidification Equipments

Prosperous development is the right way for a company

According to Mr. Wang Yong, General Manager of Thenow, since 2017, Thenow has made a lot of efforts in marketing network, dealer layout, product development and so on.

From Marketing Promotion:

In terms of market expansion, Thenow's factory is located in Shanghai. Therefore, the current development direction of the market is based on the development of the Yangtze River Delta region centered on Shanghai, and the development of the North China region in the center of Beijing. In the future, the development of the southwest region centered on Chengdu will be established.
Regarding to the launch of the brand, since 2016, the establishment of brand awareness in the industry has been closely related to the level of effort. On the one hand, Thenow has cooperated with many media, and both traditional media websites and new media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo have released a large number of information about company and products of Thenow, which has improved the exposure of the brand. At the same time, it has also deepened the awareness of the people and consumers in the industry. On the other hand, Thenow has participated in many industry activities, from the exchanges between industry exhibition peers to the annual title of HC Network's annual brand event. With the growing presence of Thenow in all parts of the country, its popularity is getting higher and higher, the word of mouth is getting better and better, and the development is gradually on the right track.

From the dealer layout:

The competitive advantage of Thenow's investment promotion is more obvious. First of all, Thenow's products scope in this market is complete, for pre-installed Thenow have central ventilation, ventilating dehumidifier and wine cellar cooling systems; For after the installation market, Thenow have fresh air purifier, wall-mounted energy recovery ventilator, floor-standing cabinets and other products, which is conducive to sales in one channel buying multiple products; Secondly, the quality of Thenow products is excellent. The factory in Jinshan, Shanghai, is engaged in large-scale production. The product quality is stable. At the same time, it has its own advantages such as self-produced sheet metal, filter element and heat exchange core, and the production cost is greatly reduced, so Thenow's profit is good, the price is stable. In one region, only looking for one general agent, and leaving the agent with sufficient profit margins, try to achieve price uniformity, avoid the occurrence of vicious competition, and ensure the interests of dealers. Finally, Thenow's sales are diligent, because the dealers of Thenow are relatively young, and they are more aggressive in their work. When customers have the demand for after-sales service, they can communicate with customers in the first time, or go to the site within a certain time limit. The way to solve the problem let users seeing the attitude of the service, and build their confidence in the brand.

HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects
HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects

Thenow’s Test Room
From new product development:

Thenow has invested a lot of money to build a professional R&D team. First, Thenow has cooperated with universities to establish a technical talent exchange center with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Singapore Nanyang Technological University and Stanford University, so that professional students can strengthen their practical ability and cultivate professional talents under the rich theoretical knowledge; Meantime, Thenow cooperate with R&D institutions and personnel with relevant industry backgrounds to provide generous treatment to gather talents. In the conversation with the reporter, Mr. Wang also revealed that there are nearly 500 employees in the company, and the technical staff is over one hundred. It is because of the support of such a large team that Thenow has the confidence to conduct investment in various places. At present, on the basis of Thenow's core invention patent technology - Pure ESP electrostatic sterilization system, which retains the advantages of traditional ESP (electrostatic dust collection), based on electrostatic dust removal and catalytic coupling technology, can achieve no ozone throughout the process, 24-hour ozone negative increase, highly decomposes VOCs such as formaldehyde and toluene, and the efficiency of purification of particulate lower to PM0.001, actively kills bacterial viruses, eliminates the spread of pathogens, and uses the whole process without consumables to be more environmentally friendly. At the same time, it also develop a dehumidification fresh air system, including central ventilating dehumidification system, two-way air flow ceiling fresh air dehumidification system and one-way flow  ventilating dehumidifier and a full heat exchange anti-smash dehumidifier and other display forms to meet the needs of different customers for humidity control; In the professional field, we have introduced wine cellar climate control systems and become the leading manufacturer of wine cellar cooling units.

HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects

Good products and good word-of-mouth can attract more talents, then more well sell products will be coming, and this is a virtuous circle.This is also a development mode that Thenow has been always pursuing and practicing.

Consumption upgrades drive quality upgrades and Quality upgrades boost consumer demand

When the reporter asked how the HVAC industry should develop in the context of consumption upgrading, Mr. Wang Yong said: Architecture is not only a necessary place for human survival, but also a witness to human civilization. From ancient times to now, the investment in the construction industry from individual to group has never stopped. From caves to wooden houses to today's high-rise buildings, the evolution of residential buildings relies on generations of people who have invested a lot of money into the construction industry, so that they have sufficient development conditions to have modern and convenient buildings.
It is precisely because the construction industry is a link that cannot be ignored in the whole social process. The HVAC industry, which is inseparable from the construction industry, has the strength to fully develop. With the rapid development of Internet technology and the rapid improvement of the national economy, people's requirements for quality of life are gradually increasing, and there are higher requirements for the temperature, humidity, and air cleanliness of the living environment. Officially arrived. With the upgrading of consumption, there are further improvements and innovations in the market development plan and product quality. The integration of comfortable home systems has become a recognized trend and direction in the HVAC industry. Intelligent, convenient, healthy and energy-saving products have also become an essential elements.

HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects

Thenow Pre-installation Products

HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects

Thenow after Installation Products

HC Interview | Thenow Wang Yong: HVAC Industry Has Good Development Prospects

Thenow Constant Ttemperature and Humidity Series Products

Consumption upgrades have led to quality upgrades, and quality upgrades will further boost consumer demand. Under such interaction, the role of smart and comfortable home products in people's lives will become more and more important, and the development trend of the HVAC industry will be better and better, and Thenow will also strive to develop and take advantage of it!

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