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Relevant introduction of ductless hrv

The ductless hrv adopts the constant air volume control technology, and the fresh air volume on the side of the pipe is not affected by the pipe length in a certain range but provides a constant air volume. Ensure the effectiveness of indoor fresh air replacement.

Main features of ductless hrv: the main function of the tube-free heat exchanger is to solve the pollution generated in life, ensure a healthy living space, improve the quality of life and save energy. It brings fresh air, high in oxygen, which is necessary for health. Adjust indoor temperature and humidity. Bring the necessary oxygen. Eliminate the poisonous gas that decorates to release. Solve indoor clothing, cotton and linen fabric of insects, moldy problems. Effective prevention of some chronic diseases, such as allergies, some airborne diseases, can achieve better prevention effect. Ventilation prevents dust, noise and excessive fresh air from entering and effectively prevents air conditioning and other epidemics. It is important to bring clean fresh air while discharging dirty air.

Performance of ductless hrv:
1. Stable and reliable use: the fresh air system of ductless
hrv is all static parts except the moving parts of the main engine. The moving parts of the housing fresh air system are stable and reliable with long service life.
2. Continuous ventilation operation: ductless
hrv is a fixed part of the building, working for 10 hours a day 365 days a year. It guarantees the fresh air that people need in daily life and improves the indoor air quantity.
3. Comfort and health: when ventilated, it can prevent dust, noise and excessive fresh air from invading. Ensure that the fresh air into the indoor air is conducive to human health. 4. Small space consumption: the ductless
hrv uses the ceiling type, which does not take up room space as far as possible.
5. Less system maintenance: only need to clean or replace the filter in a certain time, and the replacement is very convenient.
6. Low energy consumption: improve the efficiency of the main engine and reduce energy consumption.
7. Long service life: part of the installation life of the system should be the same as that of the building or the middle can be replaced. Simple and convenient to use: ductless
hrv single-family configuration for use and maintenance.

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