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The classification of ventilator and the introduction of characteristics of esp ventilator

The classification of ventilator:

window ventilator: it is installed on the outer protective structure of the building (doors and windows, curtain wall) or between the wall and doors and Windows. Under the working condition, it has a certain performance of wind pressure resistance, water tightness, air tightness, and sound insulation, and can realize indoor and outdoor controllable ventilation.

ESP ventilator: window ventilator with the power device attached to the product to realize ventilation. Window ventilators can be installed horizontally or vertically. It can be mounted on top of glass or the bottom of the glass.

Natural ventilator: window ventilator that depends on the difference of pressure between indoor and outdoor temperature difference and wind pressure to realize ventilation.

Wall ventilator: a ventilator that hangs on a wall.

Characteristics of electric ventilator: the ventilator with its power system actively exchanges indoor and outdoor air.

1. Ventilation volume and ventilation time can be controlled.

2. The remote control can be installed.

3. Due to the special soundproof material inside, the effect of isolating medium and high-frequency noise is remarkable.

4. Obvious dust removal effect.

Common features: do not open the window to allow your room to breathe freely, exhaust indoor dirty exhaust gas, isolation of noise. Effectively solve the dilemma of ventilation and noise.

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