How Exactly should the Temperature of the Wine Cellar be Controlled?

Most experts suggest that the ideal storage temperature should be between 11-14℃(between 52-55 degrees Fahrenheit). Recently, a new study shows that the critical value range of wine storage temperature is more comprehensive than previously expected. The master of wine, Jancis Robinson, also said that a perfect wine cellar's temperature should not easily fluctuate, but it is difficult to achieve.

1. Temperature changes will affect the taste of wine.

Under natural conditions, tannins will aggregate in aged wines. The wine will lose its original fruity aroma when the heat affects the polymerization process. Any significant temperature changes will accelerate the oxidation of the wine, causing changes in tannin molecules. If the storage temperature is too low, the tannin flavor will be too prominent; if it is too high, the flavor will be too weak. Temperature changes will also cause the expansion and contraction of cork, increasing the contact of wine with oxygen, thereby accelerating the wine's oxidation.

2. Storage skills of wine masters

The perfect wine cellar temperature is difficult to control for the world's outstanding wine masters, so they will choose to adjust the wine cellar temperature slightly. For wines that can be consumed immediately, they can be stored at a temperature of 4-18 degrees Celsius (40-65 degrees Fahrenheit) for up to a year. As long as the cellar temperature does not change more than 5 degrees Celsius, the wine can retain all its flavors. High-quality wine, which is for collecting or investment, requires a more rigorous storage environment. For most high-quality red wines, the storage temperature should be at least below 18 degrees Celsius (65 degrees Fahrenheit). Still, it also needs to be adjusted according to the different types of grapes.

For white wine, the storage temperature is generally lower; usually, it is 7-10 degrees Celsius (45-50 degrees Fahrenheit). Never store high-quality red wine and white wine at the same temperature. Similarly, different types of wines in different years may require three other wine storage areas.

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