Relevant introduction of commercial hrv units

Commercial hrv units is composed of heat exchanger, temperature control valve group, steam trap group (when the heat medium is steam) circulating pump, electric control cabinet, base, pipeline, valve, instrument, and can be added expansion tank, water treatment equipment, pump frequency control, temperature control valve, remote communication control, and so on, thus forming a complete heat exchange station. Commercial hrv units are standardized, modular design, complete configuration, easy installation, high efficiency, and energy-saving. Heat exchange unit has the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, simple and intuitive operation, etc. The product is suitable for the sanitary hot water in residence, office, factory, hospital, hotel, school, etc. The integral commercial hrv units can be used for both water - water exchange and steam - water exchange.

Use characteristics:

1. use industrial control calculation or intelligent temperature regulator to make the water supply temperature intelligent control, that is, the water supply temperature can be set according to the program with the outdoor environment temperature, standard temperature and time changes, high heating quality, energy saving.

2. Industrial control computer displays, stores, and prints various operating parameters, including thermal media flow, thermal media temperature, thermal media pressure, heating quantity, outdoor temperature, standard room temperature, water supply temperature, condensate temperature, water supply pressure, etc.

3. During the heat transfer of soda, set the condensate heat transfer section and the temperature control of condensate to make full use of the condensate heat.

4. The system adopts frequency conversion control, automatic water replenishment, and voltage stabilization.

5, the use of high - performance stainless steel plate heat exchanger, small unit volume, small footprint.

6. The circulating water pump can be operated with variable frequency and variables.

7, standard modular design, according to user conditions, flexible selection of control content, reduce investment.

8. Centralized digital display of operation parameters, convenient and reliable.

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