Principal and function of hrv hepa filter

Hrv Hepa filter working principle is:

When Hrv Hepa filter works, indoor ventilation and fresh air was positively way cross through the heat exchanger core respectively, because of airflow on both sides of a partition is poor, there is a difference in temperature and steam partial pressure of two gas circulation heat and mass transfer phenomenon appears when excessive clapboard, caused the heat exchange process. In summer operation, fresh air from the air conditioning exhaust to obtain cold volume, so that the temperature is reduced, at the same time by the air conditioning air drying, so that fresh air moisture content is reduced; In winter operation, fresh air from the air conditioning room exhaust heat, temperature rise. In this way, fresh air can recover energy from the exhaust of the air conditioner through the full heat transfer process of the heat transfer core.

Functions of Hrv HEPA filter:

1. Fresh air is exchanged, fresh air is sent to outdoor and dirty air is discharged.

2, adsorption - the machine store activated carbon, can effectively remove carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, and other harmful gases.

3, sterilization - anion sterilization, can kill viruses, bacteria, mites and other harmful organisms in the air.

4, high-quality filter dust particles.

5. Environmental protection and energy-saving -- high-efficiency heat exchange device is adopted. During the air exchange process, indoor heat and cold energy will not be discharged to outdoor, and the heat exchange rate reaches 72%.

6, maintain humidity -- in the air exchange at the same time, heat exchange Hepa filter fiber retains indoor moisture, through the fresh air into the room, so that indoor maintain appropriate humidity.

Functions of Hrv HEPA filter:

1. Filter and purify air to ensure indoor air quality.

2, to ensure that the indoor heat and cold load (temperature) is not affected by fresh air.

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