Shanghai Wine Club / Wine Cabinets

Project: Shanghai Wine Club / Wine Cabinets
Installation: On the top of the cabinet
Cabinet Volume:27m3
Model Selection:Wine Cellar Cooling Units Split System / HSN-J30
Q’ty: 1 set

Ductless Split Cooling Units
Putting the evaporator in the cellar (thus, splitting it from the condenser) provides flexibility in larger cellar projects when budget is a consideration and the project is too large for a self-contained unit. In this scenario, the evaporator is mounted in the cellar (usually in the wall, high up) and connected to the condenser via line set.

When it’s the best choice?
When balancing between budget, power, and aesthetics is of high importance, these versatile systems work great.

Great (relative) budget-friendly option when self-contained units won’t cut it
In-cellar evaporator handles all air circulation
Handles large rooms
Quieter than a self-contained unit
Requires less “behind-the-wall” access to install line set

Noisier than a ducted unit
More expensive than a self-contained unit
Separate system needed for humidity control (removing or added)
Larger aesthetic footprint
Shanghai Wine Club / Wine Cabinets