Wine Cellar Wiki

  • The longer the finish, the better the wine quality? Aftertaste is one of the criteria for evaluating the quality of wine. The length of the different wines and the taste itself are very different.1.What is the aftertaste?The famous wine critic Robert P... More +
  • How long can the wine be storage after the bottle is opened? When you pick up a bottle of wine, you must be confused about the shelf life after opening the bottle, and mark it above: After opening the bottle, please feel as if you are drinking as soon as possib... More +
  • How to keep wine after opening it? 1.Replug the cork and put it in the refrigerator Put the cork back into the bottle and put it in the refrigerator. This is probably the most common method of storing wine. Although it is easy to sa... More +
  • Why do you want to clink when you drink? Whether it's a banquet, a wine party or an ordinary cocktail party, people always like to raise their glasses when they drink, which has long become a common sense when people drink. However, how was... More +
  • Introduction of Wine Cellar Dehumidifier I. Reasons for need of wine cellar dehumidifier:1. Storage of wine needs to meet certain standards. First of all, there should be suitable humidity and temperature.2. Secondly, a good ventilation envi... More +
  • About Wine Storage Wine storage optionsThere are three main ways to store your bottles of wine safely and securely:Wine cellar – this is the ideal way to store your wine bottles, temperature and humidity controlled ide... More +
  • About Wine Glasses Many friends are asking, what do you need to pay attention to when drinking wine? In order to make your wine better, we can get these routines...First, the choice of wine glasses is very important.Th... More +
  • The Role of Wine Refrigeration Units The low temperature treatment of wine can improve and improve the quality of wine on the one hand. The shorter the new wine, the more effective the effect of cooling to improve the sensory quality. On... More +