Why Do I Have to Use A Goblet to Drink Red Wine?

If you want to taste or enjoy a good wine, I think you must have a high-value goblet?  Why is everyone used to drinking red wine in a goblet?  Compared with other cups, what are the advantages of goblet?

Why Do I Have to Use A Goblet to Drink Red Wine?

High appearance
Compared with ordinary cups that are short and squat, goblet has a tall cup shape, a slender handle, and a crystal clear cup wall, and its appearance is simply higher than the sky. Red wine is responsible for the appearance of alcoholic beverages, and only a goblet can match it!

Elegant posture
For ordinary water cups or teacups, we always need to hold the cup with the whole hand, or hold the handle on the side with our fingers.  However, the goblet has a slender handle. Just use two or three fingers to gently hold the whole cup. With a slight shake, the wine can rotate in the cup, overflowing with a wonderful aroma.

Why Do I Have to Use A Goblet to Drink Red Wine?

Compared with ordinary water glasses, is it more elegant to use goblet?

Cheers is convenient, and the sound is clear and pleasant
When clinking glasses, goblet can also bring us more pleasant enjoyment. Most goblets are crystal cups, with a light and thin texture, and will make a clear and pleasant sound when clinking the glasses. This is also impossible for ordinary water cups.

The true use of goblet
In addition to sensory enjoyment, the goblet also has its practical value. The reason why it is designed to look like this is not entirely for the consideration of appearance.

Why Do I Have to Use A Goblet to Drink Red Wine?

Easy to view colors
The color of red wine can often reveal information such as its vintage/ageing time, the type of wine grape and whether it has deteriorated. The crystal clear glass wall can better observe the color of the wine, the hanging glass, etc., and judge the quality of the red wine.

Easy to smell
Anyone who has used a goblet knows that the goblet has a big belly and the mouth is slightly closed. This design can ensure that the aroma of red wine is concentrated at the mouth of the glass, and you can smell the aroma of the wine by sticking your nose into the glass.  Pour the wine into an upright water glass, the smelling effect will be much worse, which will affect the taste.

Easy to taste
The drinking temperature of red wine is very important. If the human body temperature is 36 degrees, if you hold the cup belly with your hands, it is likely to change the temperature of the wine. The slender handle and holder of the goblet are also used to make the glass more convenient and not affect the wine temperature.

The thickness of the lip of the wine glass used by different wines is different, but it is generally believed that the thinner the lip of the glass, the less the influence of the wine glass on the drinking experience, which is why the lip of the wine glass is thinner.

Why Do I Have to Use A Goblet to Drink Red Wine?
Easy to shake the cup
Usually, the belly of the red wine glass is wider than the mouth of the glass so that the red wine will not be spilled when the glass is shaken.

Good wine glasses can indeed add luster to red wine, but the differences between different wine glasses are not so obvious.  After all, compared to wine glasses, the quality of the red wine itself, the temperature of the wine, the food, and even the mood when drinking can affect the taste of red wine.
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