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Why Do I Feel Thirsty And Hungry After Drinking Wine?

The wine bureau is an inevitable activity in life. When people are idle, they always think about meeting a few friends together to talk and drink, but many friends often drink water after they come home. It's about eating, and sometimes I am puzzled. I have just returned home from the wine bar, and I am thirsty and hungry when I get home. In fact, many people feel the same way: why do you get hungry as you drink?

The digestion and decomposition process of alcohol is different from other foods
The digestion and decomposition process of alcohol is different from other foods
We all know that wine is low in carbohydrates and contains no fat. However, as one of the components of calories, the presence of alcohol also makes wine inevitably have considerable calories.  However, it is precisely this form of alcohol that is different from other calories that makes the digestion process of wine in the body different from other foods.
Generally speaking, our body decomposes the alcohol we consume at the first time, and then it decomposes substances such as sugars, carbohydrates, and fats.  Therefore, in the case of fasting or excessive drinking, the body will preferentially decompose alcohol, which is also a self-protection function of our body.  However, one of the first consequences of breaking down alcohol is that we feel hungry as we drink.

The reason why the more you drink, the more hungry

1. Lower blood sugar
The reason why the more you drink, the more hungry

Our body will metabolize alcohol first, and the body will not focus on digesting food before it metabolizes all alcohol.  As a result, the nerve will send the message "no food is digesting" to your brain, and the brain will send feedback accordingly, making our body have a desire for high-calorie food.

2. The hypothalamus is "stunned"

Alcohol has a temporary effect on the hypothalamus of the brain, making you feel hunger and fire.  The hypothalamus is formed in the early stage of brain development. It is a relatively "primitive" brain structure. It is located above the human brainstem and has a small area. It is the control center of the nervous system. It has everything from sexual impulse, body temperature regulation to green vegetables and carrots. It's the final decision.

Studies at home and abroad, including Princeton University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, have shown that the hypothalamus controls our cravings for food and alcohol to a large extent.

The reason for the more thirsty you drink
The reason for the more thirsty you drink
Alcohol is a diuretic , that is to say, alcohol will increase the body water that you remove when urinating. Generally speaking, with the appearance of dehydration symptoms, your brain pituitary will release a hormone to guide your body to retain water and prevent continued dehydration.  However, alcohol will hinder the release of this hormone, so your kidneys will remove more water than normal, which will eventually lead to severe dehydration. Therefore, after drinking, you will feel thirsty and even dizziness, fatigue, muscle cramps, etc. symptom.

Which wines are more likely to cause dehydration?
Which wines are more likely to cause dehydration?

Alcohol content is very important for the effect of dehydration. Generally speaking, beverages with an alcohol content of less than 2% will not cause any symptoms of dehydration, and once the alcohol content is higher than 4%, it will cause diuresis.  Therefore, beer with a large amount of water and low alcohol content is less likely to cause dehydration, while high-alcohol spirits such as Tequila are just the opposite.

In addition, darker wines, such as Scotch and red wine, contain a substance called Congeners (effective impurities), which are produced during the alcohol fermentation process. The higher the content, the more likely it is to cause a hangover.  In other words, although red wine has a lower alcohol content, it is more likely to cause hangover symptoms after drinking than colorless spirits such as Vodka.

How to prevent hunger and thirst and drink healthy
How to prevent hunger and thirst and drink healthy

1. Eat high-protein food before drinking

High-protein foods can maintain our body's caloric requirements for a long time, so
consuming some high-protein foods before drinking alcohol will reduce our hunger after drinking.  Therefore, the practice of drinking a glass of milk before drinking is recommended.

2. Drink too much alcohol

Everyone has a different amount of alcohol, so we must first know how much we drink.  Generally speaking, the daily wine intake of adult men should not exceed 3-4 cups, while the wine intake of women should not exceed 2 cups.

3. Avoid carbonated drinks while drinking alcohol

Generally speaking, 20% of the wine consumed is absorbed by the stomach and 80% is absorbed by the intestine.  Carbon dioxide gas in carbonated beverages enhances the enzyme activity in gastric parietal cells, thereby destroying the gastric mucosal barrier. At the same time, its stimulation increases the secretion of gastric acid, which can erode the stomach wall through the weakened protective barrier.

The carbon dioxide gas released by carbonated beverages in the stomach will also force the pylorus between the stomach and the small intestine to open, allowing alcohol to enter the small intestine faster. The small intestine absorbs alcohol much faster than the stomach, allowing the alcohol to quickly spread throughout the body.  .

4. Drink plenty of water after drinking

Many people say that food sobers up well, because food can absorb excess alcohol in the body like a sponge.  But in fact, food can only slow down the decomposition process of alcohol, alcohol will still stay in the body and wait for the liver to slowly decompose.  Therefore, from a health perspective, speeding up the elimination of alcohol as soon as possible is the correct way to sober up. The most effective and healthy way to sober up is to drink plenty of water.
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