What Is The Best Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

Air conditioner is the "heart" of the entire wine cellar. Once the wine cellar air conditioner has a problem, all the wines may be discarded, so you must be careful when choosing wine cellar cooling system.

The cooling unit you choose for your wine cellar will depend on a number of factors including the size and needs of your wine storage space, as well as your budget. If you have a large wine collection filled with collectable wines that you plan to age for many years, then having a wine cellar with built-in refrigeration may be your most cost-effective option on a price per bottle basis.

Never choose blindly. On the local market, there are roughly divided into two categories: one is domestic brand and the other is mainly wine cellar air conditioners introduced by European and American countries. Domestic wine cellar air conditioners are mainly large-scale machines, most of which are more than 1 horse. They have high power, good cooling effect, convenient installation and fast maintenance. Imported wine cellar air conditioners are expensive, low power, no after-sales, and no humidification.


Simple judgment method when choosing:


1. Appearance. A good wine cellar cooling unit must have fine workmanship and the design is closer to the actual requirements of wine storage.

2. Performance. The wine cellar air conditioner is a special type of air conditioner. Of course, it must exert its unique constant low temperature and moisturizing function. Some machine can only have one function, that is, constant temperature, but the units with constant temperature and humidity is more suitable for wine storage requirements, that is to say, the conditioner must be have humidifier and heater.

3. Check the root cause, check the main products and history of the manufacturer, and see if it has the ability of professional wine cellar air conditioners.

4. Good after-sales and low maintenance costs.


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