What Happened to My Throat After Drinking?

People who drink often may encounter this situation: sometimes after a glass of wine, the throat will have a slight or strong burning sensation; or sometimes after drinking strong alcohol, you will feel a strong burning sensation, but drink After the beer was okay. What's going on? Is it too bad wine? In fact, this is the role of alcohol.

What Happened to My Throat After Drinking?

Why alcohol causes a burning sensation in the throat?

As we all know, alcohol (especially high concentration of alcohol) will stimulate the human oral mucosa, and this feeling is just the burning sensation we feel after drinking alcohol, which is no different from eating chili. So how does this burning feel happen?

In fact, this is because alcohol itself is a solvent and is easily volatile. When you drink a glass of alcohol, the alcohol component will act, causing the water in the oral mucosa to be quickly absorbed, which makes people feel dry tongue. At the same time, his throat felt uncomfortable like a fire.

Of course, in addition to the burning sensation in the throat, some people will also feel the burning of the stomach. This is also because the stimulation of alcohol makes the blood vessels in the body dilate, and this dilation of blood vessels will give the body a temporary burning sensation. It is worth mentioning that the vasodilation caused by moderate alcohol intake is reducible, and the vasodilation caused by excessive drinking may be permanent expansion, so moderate drinking is essential for any drinker.

What kind of wine will bring a burning sensation?

People who have drunk beer, wine and liquor know that liquor has the most obvious throat-burning sensation. In fact, this is because the root cause of the burning sensation is the amount of alcohol in the wine. Generally, the alcohol level of beer is not higher than 11%, the alcohol level of ordinary wine is also 15% to 16% at most, and the alcohol level of most liquors can generally reach more than 40%. Therefore, there is no doubt that the latter is more likely to give people a burning throat.

This means that the burning sensation has little to do with the quality of the wine. Therefore, even if you drink the best wine or spirits, you may feel the burning sensation in your throat.

In addition, sometimes drinking high-alcohol wine may not detect the burning sensation, because other things you eat at the time have a relaxing effect. In addition, if you drink a heavy-tasting wine with good quality but heavy body and outstanding structure, the burning of the throat will not be so obvious, nor will it affect the overall taste of the wine.When drinking, the wine itself is still the main factor.

Otherwise, if the alcohol is too high to cause the clamor to win, it is as if the cheers of the fans at the concert overshadowed the singing of the singer on the stage, which is disappointing.

What should we do if there is a burning sensation in our throat?
Usually, the burning sensation caused by alcohol is temporary. Drinking some water properly to eat something, or waiting for a few minutes can alleviate, so there is no need to worry at all. Of course, if you are worried, you can choose alcohol with low alcohol content; or don't drink too much, and remember to eat something and drink plenty of water. If the situation is more serious, or if it has not been relieved for a long time, it is best to go to the hospital
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