What are the Functions of the Wine Cellar Climate Control System

Although the wine is pretty, the storage of many wines in the cellar is difficult because the temperature is an exceptionally fundamental factor for preservation. No matter where you choose to store wine, remember to maintain the environment with constant temperature and humidity. For most kinds of wine, 14℃ is the most ideal. Generally, it is better to keep the indoor temperature at a constant one. 

Therefore, it is an excellent choice to configure the wine cellar climate control system to reduce many storage problems. Simply speaking, it generally contains control functions such as cooling, dehumidification, heating, and humidification in the wine cellar climate control system.

1. Cooling function

The high-pressure liquid refrigerating fluid flows out through the filter and enters the evaporator through capillary throttling and pressure reduction. As the humidifier's pressure decreases, the refrigerant in the evaporator continuously absorbs the heat transferred from the air to the evaporator and evaporates into steam. The steam is then sucked in by the compressor of the dehumidifier. The condenser heat is taken away. The refrigerating fluid becomes a high-pressure, low-temperature liquid and then passes through the dehumidifier filter to the capillary tube. The cycle continues to remove the indoor heat from the outdoor and lower the temperature.

2. Dehumidification function

When the humidity value in the air in the conditioned room is greater than the required value, the compressor of the dehumidifier is started for cooling, the air is cooled to below the dew point temperature through the evaporator, and the moisture in the air is precipitated to achieve the purpose of dehumidification.

3. Heating function

When the air temperature in the conditioned room is lower than the required temperature, the dehumidifier's computer controller turns on the electric heater to heat the air and send it to the room through the fan to achieve the purpose of heating.

4. Humidification function

When the relative humidity of the air in the conditioned room is lower than the required value, the computer controller of the dehumidifier makes the electrode humidifier work, and the water is heated and boiled into steam, which is sent to the wine cellar through a fan to achieve the purpose of humidification.

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