What Are the Different Categories of Cellar Air Conditioners According to Their Performance?

Ⅰ. Introduction of wine cellar air conditioner

Grapes have experienced spring dew, autumn frost, sunshine, wind and rain in the manor, turned from green to maturity, and then through the process, been brewed into aromatic wine, and then transported to your wine cellar. How can you not take care of such a delicate thing? The delicate wine needs careful care and cannot do without the wine protector-wine cellar air conditioner

Wine cellar air conditiner is low temperature precision constant temperature and humidity air conditioner, commonly known as wine cellar machine. The principle of the unit is the same as that of an ordinary air conditioner, but it uses a low-temperature compressor to ensure that the wine cellar temperature is maintained at 12°C-18°C; a humidifier is installed inside the unit, and ultrasonic humidification and electrode humidification are usually used according to the power of the unit. The built-in imported water tank is connected to the humidifier and has its own temperature and humidity control system. According to the requirements of the wine cellar, the unit is equipped with a condensate drainage pump and anti-vibration device.

Ⅱ. Wine cellar air conditioners are classified according to their performance

1. According to the purpose, it can be divided into conventional series, purification series, high temperature series, low temperature series, low humidity series, low temperature and low humidity series;

2. According to the body structure, it can be divided into cabinet type and horizontal type;

3. According to the return air method, it can be divided into direct blowing type and pipeline type;

4. According to the requirements of environmental control, it can be divided into high precision, ordinary precision, high precision and reliable type;

5. According to the cooling method, it can be divided into air cooling and water cooling;

6. According to the characteristics of dehumidification, it can be divided into freezing, runner, and combined constant temperature and humidity unit series.

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