What Are the Benefits of Regular Maintenance of the Wine Cellar Machine?

Ⅰ. The benefits of regular maintenance of wine cellar machine

The wine cellar machine needs to be maintained and cleaned after a period of use. What are the benefits of regular maintenance?

1. Protect the equipment

Wine cellar machine cleaning can remove rust, to prevent corrosion and damage of equipment, prolong the service life of equipment. At the same time, the use of corrosion inhibitors will also reduce the corrosion rate.

2. Maintenance costs

In the case of wine cellar machine without cleaning, there will be pipe blockage, scaling, corrosion and other phenomena. If corrosion or solution contamination of the main engine results in leakage, the copper pipe and solution must be replaced and the main engine must be repaired. Cleaning and maintenance can reduce maintenance costs, extend equipment life and reduce losses.

3. Wine cellar machine control

Thenow wine cellar machine control system is an intelligent environment monitoring system with high reliability and stability. Users can check the running state and relevant parameters of the wine cellar machine in real time after logging in through the mobile APP or PC. When the temperature and humidity return air, air supply over limit fault occurs, can synchronously receive the alarm information, and with very fast response to eliminate the fault.

4. Save electricity

Cleaning the cellar eliminates scale and increases heat exchange power, thereby reducing power and fuel losses. For water treatment, sewage can also be reduced, thus improving the utilization of recycled water.

5. Cooling efficiency

Maintain the wine cellar machine to make the pipe clean, anti-scale, improve the heat exchange rate between condenser and evaporator. Under high pressure operation, it is not easy to stop under over pressure.

6. Ensure the quality of red wine

Ensure the normal operation of the wine cellar machine, with no abnormality in temperature, humidity, cleanliness, noise and other aspects, so that the wine is in an optimal growth environment.

Ⅱ. Warm tips for maintenance of wine cellar machine

1. If the machine has been used for more than 15 years, it is recommended to buy a new machine;

2. Please rest assured to choose the engineers have more than 5 years maintenance/installation experience;

3. Please keep the phone unblocked, and the engineer will communicate with you at this number or make an appointment for the specific visit time after receiving the order;

4. Confirm the maintenance cost on site and reject the random charges.

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