Want to Make A Good Wine Cellar? You Need to Know These Points.

There is usually a question: "Can I put the wine cellar anywhere in my house?" The answer is yes, but The cellar should be located in the coolest and most humid part of the house. The closer to the temperature and humidity of the stored wine, the more conducive the wine continues to mature.

Make A Good Wine Cellar

If you have some famous wines worth hundreds of thousands, and your basement happens to be relatively cold, can you just put the wine in? Or do you have to make a professional wine cellar? Our answer is: As your wine is relatively expensive, it requires strict and sensitive storage environment parameters. Although it is cool in the basement, it is greatly affected by the fluctuation of temperature and humidity in different seasons and morning and evening, so it is not suitable for storage of famous wineries.It is recommended to build a professional constant temperature and humidity wine cellar.  Only in a professional storage environment with constant temperature and humidity, Only the quality of good wine can be effectively guaranteed.

Make A Good Wine Cellar

If your villa is at the foot of the hill and the basement is relatively damp with signs of mold, can you still make a wine cellar in this situation?  Is there any way to solve the moisture problem?  In fact, it is possible to make a wine cellar, provided that we must find a professional wine cellar design company to do it. and the use of excellent wine cellar  cooling system.

So,no matter where the wine cellar is built, the six sides of the wine cellar must be well insulated and moisture-proof. In addition to professional constant temperature and humidity air conditioning in the wine cellar, a professional fresh air system must be equipped to ensure the air circulation in the wine cellar. Only by ensuring a smooth ventilation environment can we avoid mouldy rack and cork caused by damp environment, which will affect the quality of the wine.
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