The Working Principle of the Wine Room Cooling Systems

It is always a happy moment to enjoy a bottle of quality wine. The only regret is that it is difficult to keep the wine at the right temperature. The newly designed fashion product, the wine cooler, solves this problem. This seemingly popsicle is not made of ice, but made of gel. Just put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours, then take it out and put it in your wine, you can keep the wine cold for a long time. It can be used repeatedly after use.

In the wine room cooling systems, the freezing process of the wine is achieved by the freezing unit and the freezing tank. By freezing, some of the wine's tartrate and pigments can be removed to make the wine more stable and improve the sensory quality of the wine. In the freezing process, the temperature is first reached to the freezing temperature (about -5 ° C) as soon as possible. The speed at which the wine temperature is lowered is related to the amount of wine to be frozen and the temperature of the wine, the cooling capacity of the refrigeration unit of the wine room cooling system, and the structure of the freezing tank.
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