The Storage of Wine

Speaking of wine cellars, people's first impression is that there are neatly arranged wines on solid wood wine racks, but the same design of wine cellars will inevitably make people feel aesthetically tired. The times are developing and people's vision is developing, so the wine cellar design should also keep pace with the times and break the tradition. You can often see on TV that many luxury houses have wine cellars underground. Indeed, the most ideal wine cellar is the basement. Moreover,  in general, the deeper the basement, the better. The least suitable for a wine cellar is the attic, which is too hot in summer and too cold in winter.  The indoor wine cellar is best placed in the northwest, and the northwest is not easy to be exposed to direct sunlight. It is better to build a wine cellar downstairs than upstairs.  If it happens that the space in the home is scarce, then it doesn't matter. The modern style wine cellar design is more versatile. Any corner of the home can be designed as a wine cellar if you want, such as under the stairs, underground space, and walls.

Wine cellar is actually a general term for some wine-related spaces, including: wine cellar and wine storage cellar.  In general, whether it is wine or foreign liquor, it needs to undergo wine cellar aging.  Whether it is a winery storage wine cellar or a private wine cellar. The purpose of the wine cellar needs to be ventilated is to maintain better air in the wine cellar. Too much alcohol volatilizes and the air is not smooth, which will form flammable gas accumulation, which is more dangerous. Better air is also conducive to people's breathing,Helps keep the wine cellar dry.

In addition, the temperature requirements of wine are harsh, because temperature changes are not only caused by thermal expansion and contraction, but also the wine can seep out of the cork and accelerate the oxidation of the wine. The most important thing is that the sudden change in temperature will cause the wine to age in the process.  Unnecessary substances are produced in the product, causing flavor variation and even deterioration, so as long as it can maintain a constant temperature of 5°C to 20°C, it is acceptable. However, a wine cellar that is too cold will make the wine grow slowly, and you have to wait a longer time. too hot and too ripe too fast, neither .also,the cork bottle needs to be placed horizontally, when the wine bottle is placed horizontally, the wine will infiltrate the cork to isolate the air. A certain angle of tilt is also acceptable.
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