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The Emergence of the Wine Cellar Climate Control System

With the improvement of people's living standards in recent years, red wine has gradually become the beautiful scenery on the dining table during business and leisure gatherings. Coupled with people's awareness of health awareness, the demand for red wine has also increased year by year. This has given many domestic wine operators a tough question, namely the storage and storage of red wine. It is common knowledge that red wine is very sensitive to the climate. Mainly because the uneven temperature changes will affect the growth rate of red wine, and will cause thermal expansion and contraction, which will easily cause the wine to seep out the cork and accelerate oxidation, thus affecting the quality of the wine. This is the constant temperature of the storage place for the prisoner's red wine. On the other hand, stored red wine also has stringent requirements for the relative humidity of the environment. The most taboo for storing red wine is the strong changes in temperature, humidity, light, vibration, and odor.

The wine cellar climate control system supplies power to the microcontroller and other circuits through a regulated power supply circuit. The wine cellar climate control system provides a single chip pulse through a crystal oscillator circuit. The wine cellar climate control system detects the temperature or humidity of the wine cellar through a temperature and humidity sensor circuit. The wine cellar climate control system detects the oxygen concentration of the cellar through an oxygen concentration sensor, and controls the liquid crystal display circuit to display the temperature or humidity and the oxygen concentration through a single chip microcomputer. The wine cellar climate control system sets the temperature and humidity reading range and oxygen concentration threshold range of the wine cellar through the function button circuit.
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