How to Provide an Ideal Cellar Environment for Wine Storage

1. A modern wine cellar needs a wine cellar cooling system

When you store wine under proper conditions, you not only have to extend its drinking window, but also improve the aroma and taste of each wine. A modern wine cellar requires a wine cellar cooling system to maintain constant humidity and temperature. The wine cellar design team needs to fully consider various factors in the preliminary selection, including the location, size, shape and even use of the wine cellar.

2. The main parameters of the wine cellar cooling system

To choose a suitable wine cellar cooling system, first determine the capacity of the cooling device. The capacity of the cooling unit depends on the heat load of the wine cellar, which can be calculated using heat storage calculations. The characteristics of the wine cellar shell (heat preservation rate, number of glass surfaces, etc.) are very important when calculating heat gain. These calculations help understand the ability of the wine cellar shell to keep warm and provide us with clues about the cooling capacity needed to maintain a certain temperature. The cooling capacity of the wine cellar cooling system is displayed as W or BTU/h.

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