Old Mysterious European Wine Cellar

Most people are longing for life in Europe. They feel that Europe is particularly rich, with advanced technology and high GDP.  There is a country in Europe that belongs to the landlocked country, but the development history of this country is also fateful. The country's independence has never been in its own hands. It has been occupied by many countries before and after, was annexed by Russia and the Soviet Union, and has never been stable for a long time.  It was not until 1991 that the country finally achieved independence. Compared with other European countries, it is like a discarded baby, becoming an accessory for others to compete, and has never had the opportunity to develop. This country is Moldova.

Old Mysterious European Wine Cellar

After that, Moldova finally hoped for independence and should develop well.  Because this country is rich in soil resources and has black soil that is conducive to crop production, it is mainly supported by agricultural development.  With the continuous development of the world economy, science and technology and industry are now the highlights, and agriculture alone cannot keep up with the world.  But because it belongs to a landlocked country, there are no coastal ports, which limits development.  If industrial development is required, it can only rely on transportation abroad.  But perhaps it is unique in Europe, and it is favored by the Travel Bible "Lonely Planet" magazine. The magazine once said that it is the most unpopular travel country in Europe, and also one of the most worthwhile countries to visit.  So why is such an unknown small country highly recommended by Lonely Planet?

Moldova is known as the last mystery of the European continent. The most attractive place here is the mysterious wine cellar.  Moldova’s red wine is world-renowned. The country has the world’s largest underground wine cellar, the Mileshtimits wine cellar. The number of wines in the country is staggering, reaching 15 million bottles.  The wine culture is the most famous local culture, and the people also attach great importance to their own red wine. On the first weekend of October each year, this country will hold a wine festival. Visitors can taste a variety of red wine for free on the day, like to drink  Friends of red wine must not miss this country.

Old Mysterious European Wine Cellar
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