Let's Learn about Cellar Air Conditioning

With the development of society, there are more and more wine lovers and collectors. As you learn more about wine, how much do you know about wine cellar equipment? 

When it comes to the wine cellar equipment, its full name is constant temperature and humidity air conditioning equipment in the wine cellar, which is a combination of air conditioning equipment and humidification equipment—besides, there is a central ventilation system and control system. Now, we will give you a brief introduction to the wine cellar air-conditioning equipment.

1. We have to eliminate the misunderstanding about air conditioning equipment.

First of all, there may be a misunderstanding that people think that the wine cellar air-conditioning system is the same as ordinary air-conditioning, but they are just the same in the working principle. The wine cellar air conditioning system has its characteristics, which uses a low-temperature compressor. It is because the temperature requirement of the wine cellar is generally between 12℃ to 18℃, while the minimum outlet temperature of ordinary air conditioners is about 18℃; thus, the lowest indoor temperature that can be achieved is about 20℃, only low-temperature compressors can be applied. Meanwhile, the actual cooling temperature of the cryogenic compressor is about 0℃-20℃. A humidifier is installed inside the machine, and ultrasonic humidification and electrode humidification are usually used according to the power of the device. A built-in water tank is connected to a humidifier and its own temperature and humidity control system in the machine. In addition, according to the wine cellar requirements, a condensate drainage pump and anti-vibration device will be equipped in the machine. 

2. There are different categories of wine cellar air-conditioning equipment.

Wine cellar air-conditioning equipment is mainly divided into split internal and external wine cellar air-conditioning and integrated wine cellar air-conditioning. The integrated wine cellar air conditioner is mainly suitable for places where the space is relatively small, the floor height is not enough, and the outdoor machine cannot be installed. It is generally recommended to choose split internal and external wine cellar air conditioners with stable performance and sufficient cooling capacity.

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