Introduction of Wine Cellar Temperature and Humidity Control Units

Wine cellar temperature and humidity control unit or wine cellar constant temperature and humidity machine, is namely called low temperature precision constant temperature and humidity air conditioner, commonly known as wine cellar machine. The unit principle is the same as that of ordinary air conditioners, but it has its own characteristics. It uses a low temperature compressor because the temperature requirements of the wine cellar are generally between 10 ° C and 18 ° C. The minimum air outlet temperature of an ordinary air conditioner is about 18 ° C, and the lowest indoor temperature reached is about 20 ° C, so it must be cooled by a low temperature compressor. The actual refrigeration temperature of the cryogenic compressor is approximately 0 °C-20 °C. The unit is equipped with a humidifier. Ultrasonic humidification and electrode humidification are usually used according to the power of the unit. A built-in water tank is connected to the humidifier. It has its own temperature and humidity control system.

The difference between the wine cellar temperature and humidity control units and the cold storage device is:
1. The wine cellar creates a slow and continuous low temperature and cooling, rather than a cold storage type of quick freezing. The temperature at the outlet of the cold storage equipment is too low and the temperature is lowered too quickly. Wines form large amounts of crystals when the temperature drops sharply.

2. The cold storage equipment will make the environment very dry while the temperature is drastically lowered, and the wine stopper will quickly shrink and cause leakage.

3. The wine cellar runs only slightly, and can't even hear the sound. The noise of cold storage equipment is usually very large, which is not conducive to the preservation of wine.

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