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How To Shake Glasses Elegantly When Drinking Wine?

Whether in daily life or in film and television dramas, we can often see people holding red wine glasses while shaking, while smelling the fragrance.  Some people think that this is pretending to be elegant, while others think that shaking glasses is good for wine.  So what's the use of shaking cups?  Do you know how to shake a cup gracefully?

How To Shake Glasses Elegantly When Drinking Wine

Why do I encourage you to shake glasses when drinking wine?

(1) Disperse the fragrance and drive off the odor

In fact, in the wine tasting, the pleasure that wine can bring to us is mostly from aroma.  And without shaking the cup, the smell we smell is very limited, so we need to shake the cup properly to help the aroma come out.  In addition, by shaking the cup, you can also drive off some odors.  After all, there may be some unpleasant taste in wine that has been dusty for many years.  Of course, by shaking the cup, the trace amount of sulfur dioxide in the wine will also take this opportunity to run out, so the impact on the human body is almost zero.

(2) Helping to hangover

Drinking a non-shaking glass of wine may be a little tired, and the wine can be rejuvenated after shaking the glass. This is because in the process of shaking the glass, the contact surface of the liquor and the air will increase, so that it can better let it breathe freely.  This process is like reviving the wine, at the same time it can make the wine taste more mellow and smooth, and at the same time enhance the overall flavor of the wine.

(3) Observe the wine better

After shaking the glass, you can see the color gradient of the wine more clearly, and at the same time observe the viscosity of the wine and the degree of hanging the glass, and then guess the thickness and texture of the wine.  In addition, some still wines will contain a small amount of bubbles, if you don't like it, you can also solve it by shaking the glass.

However, it should be noted that drinking sparkling wine such as champagne is generally not recommended to shake the glass, otherwise the bubbles will easily dissipate and the flavor will decline.

How To Shake Glasses Elegantly When Drinking Wine

How to shake the cup gracefully?
1)Desktop type: the simplest and safest way to shake the cup
This is the simplest and easiest way to shake a cup. You just need to place the poured wine glass on the table, then use your right thumb and index finger to clamp the stem of the cup or hold down the cup holder, and gently draw a circle on the table.
2)Hand-held: a way to shake the cup with an elegant posture
When you are standing and chatting with others, or there is nothing in front of you as a support, of course you have to use the hand-held shake cup method.
When shaking the cup, hold the handle of the cup, the wrist exerts force in one direction, and then slowly rotate the glass around a point. When the liquor turns a beautiful vortex in the cup, even if the cup is shaken successfully.
Note: It is not necessary to repeat the shaking of the glass when drinking wine, because the shaking is to make the wine taste better. If you keep shaking the glass artificially, not only will the aroma disappear, but also your manners will be lost!  It is recommended to control the shaking time of the cup to about 5 seconds, unless the wine needs a lot of contact with oxygen.
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