How to Choose a Good Cellar Cooling System?

Ⅰ. Introduction of wine cellar cooling system

When you store wine under suitable conditions, you can not only extend its drinking time, but also improve the aroma and flavor of each wine. The cellar cooling system can keep the required temperature in the wine cellar stable and control humidity .

Ⅱ. How to choose a good wine cellar refrigeration system?

1. Check the working principle of the refrigeration unit

Most wine cellars are equipped with an independent cooling system called forced air cooling. In this system, two fans are used. One fan is used to circulate the cold air in the wine storage room, while the other fan forces the air through the external condenser coil and exhausts the warm air that has risen to the top of the storage room. This configuration is very effective, especially if your wine storage room is in an area where the outside temperature is higher or lower than the proper wine storage temperature range.

2. Check the temperature control mechanism and digital display device

A wine cellar cooling system made by a quality manufacturer usually has an electronic temperature controller and a digital display. These features are very useful because they allow you to precisely control the temperature and humidity in a commercial or residential wine cellar. Not only do electronic temperature controls ensure accurate temperature readings, they also prevent abnormal disturbances. The digital display can read and measure the conditions in the storage room at any time.

3. Check the noise level of the refrigeration system

The noise level of the system is one of the main factors to consider when choosing a wine cellar cooling system. There are many manufacturers working to create a quiet, vibration-free cellar cooling system. Absorption technology currently exists in the wine cellar cooling system, which does not require a compressor and does not generate vibration. Choose your cellar's refrigeration unit wisely, as vibrations can damage your wine collection.

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