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How to Chill Wine Quickly

(1) Add salt to the ice bucket
Add salt to the ice bucket
The ice bucket is to add ice and water to the bucket, which is a commonly used ice wine means in restaurants. Why add water?  Because ice cubes melt faster in water and can quickly take away the heat in the bottle, the cooling effect of adding water and ice is much better than that of pure ice cubes.

To speed up its ice speed, you can add a lot of fine salt to the ice bucket.  Because salt can lower the melting point of ice cubes (spreading salt is one of the means to quickly melt ice when the road is blocked by heavy snow in winter). When the ice cubes melt, it is necessary to absorb heat, then the heat in the bottle will be quickly consumed.  If you don't add salt, a bottle of white wine in ice will take at least half an hour. After adding salt, you can shorten the ice time to 10-15 minutes.

In addition, you can also turn the wine bottle constantly when it is iced, so that the liquid of each plane is fully in contact with the ice water, which can also speed up the ice speed. You can freeze a bottle of white wine and pink wine in about 7 minutes.  Minutes, red wine is about 2 minutes.

(2) Wrap the bottle with a damp cloth and freeze it in the refrigerator
Wrap the bottle with a damp cloth and freeze it in the refrigerator
One day, if you wanted to drink temporarily, but did not put the wine in the refrigerator in advance.  If you put it in the freezer of the refrigerator to cool down, it should be at least 1 hour.  If you didn't want to wait that long, so you flipped out a bottle of Riesling and threw the frozen layer of the refrigerator, using the mobile phone countdown function to calculate the time. When 15 minutes arrived, you opened the refrigerator to take out the wine.
The temperature of the cold storage layer of the refrigerator is generally 3-4°C. Putting white wine in, the cooling rate should be 4-5°C/hour (this is the first 60-90 minutes of cooling rate, and the subsequent cooling rate will be reduced to 2-  3℃/hour), then a bottle of wine usually takes 1-2 hours to be chilled to a suitable drinking temperature.
The temperature of the freezing layer of the refrigerator is generally minus 15-12°C. Putting white wine in it, the cooling rate can reach 6-8°C every 15 minutes.  If your wine is stored at a standard temperature of 15°C, then put the white wine in the freezer of the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes and it will be almost open to drink. The pink wine is about 15 minutes and the red wine is about 7-10 minutes.
If you want to make white wine iced faster, it is recommended to wrap a wet paper towel or cloth around the bottle.  This is naturally the principle of using water to conduct heat quickly.  But it should be noted that the wet cloth that wraps the wine bottle should not be too thick (like a thick towel or the like), otherwise it will easily react.

(3) Divided into small portions to come to the ice

The smaller the portion of wine, the faster the ice speed.  So we can pour the wine into the wine glass, cover the mouth of the glass with a glass plate or the like to prevent the loss of aroma, and then put it into the refrigerator ice (refrigerator or freezer can be used). You can also divide the wine into small portions and pour it into a small wine bottle, then put it in the refrigerator or ice bucket to chill.

(4) Frozen grapes
Frozen grapes
Wash the grapes and freeze them in the refrigerator, and then put about 4 grapes in a "warm" wine glass. The frozen water in the grapes will melt after absorbing heat, but the moisture formed after melting will not enter the wine liquid.
Using frozen grapes can keep the wine chilled within 5 minutes. Finally, remember to use clean tools to remove the grapes and start drinking.

(5) Various ice wine devices

The designers opened their minds and designed a variety of special ice wine wine ware, such as,
Ice wine stick
Ice wine stick: stainless steel metal material ice wine stick, open the bottle and put it in the wine bottle.  I inexplicably remembered the scene of using a hot water to boil water in a kettle as a child, but the water heater is to warm the water, and the ice wine stick is to cool the wine.
Ice wine stone
Ice wine stone: Ice wine stone is mainly used for whiskey, but can also be used for wine.  Ice wine stone is a kind of natural soap stone with different thermal conductivity. Later, a metal version appeared. It can quickly cool the liquor when it is put into the wine, but it will not dilute the liquor like ordinary ice cubes.  The editor thinks that the effect of this ice wine stone is more tasteless, because it should be washed first and put in the refrigerator to cool the ice, and also need to be frozen for several hours.
Spin ice
Spin ice: Spin ice is a very, very fast way of ice wine.  Put the wine set in the mouth of the bottle or the glass, and the wine will flow through the wine set to complete the ice. You can immediately pick up the glass and enjoy a cold white wine, but such a drastic cooling method has a great impact on the quality of the wine.  The taste may not be so good.
Electronic ice wine device
Electronic ice wine device: It is also a very fast ice wine artifact, which can cool the wine in a few minutes.
Wine stick
Wine stick: The shape of a wine stick is not like a cane, but rather a spoon. Putting the wine stick in the wine glass can quickly cool the white wine.
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