How Much Wine Should Be Poured in A Glass?

How much wine should be poured in a glass?Some people may say, Literally fall. No!   the drinking of wine is more in accordance with Western etiquette. So, if you want to enjoy the wine in your hands to the greatest extent, you may wish to pour wine like this!

Don't be full! Half a cup or 1/3 is fine
1. Don't be full!  Half a cup or 1/3 is fine
The world is so big, there must be a variety of wine pouring practices, but in the West, a glass of wine is generally not full, usually half a glass or less.  In addition, in the professional sommelier competition, it is about 1/3 of the glass.  The 1/3 here is more precisely to make the height of the wine close to the widest part of the belly of the cup, it is best not to exceed this part.

1 bottle of 750mL wine is poured into 5 standard glasses

2. 1 bottle of 750mL wine is poured into 5 standard glasses
Everyone must drink in moderation!  Here we should pay attention to the concept of a standard cup, which refers to a cup of alcohol containing a specific amount of alcohol.  A standard glass that is now generally accepted is 150mL, while most wines on the market have a capacity of 750mL.  Within the range of safe drinking, a bottle of wine is divided equally by 5 people, so a bottle of 750mL of wine can pour 5 glasses.

3. Special pouring method of champagne and other sparkling wine
Due to the full bubbles, champagne and other sparkling wines should be poured into the glass by 1/3. After the foam in the wine has subsided, pour into the glass until it is seven full.
Tips: Try not to shake the glass when drinking sparkling wine, otherwise it will accelerate the disappearance of bubbles.

Special pouring method of champagne and other sparkling wine
4. Why can't you fill a glass of wine?
(1) Imagine that if it is full, it will spill out with a slight tilt or shaking, how embarrassed!  Can you enjoy wine tasting happily?  So, pouring half a cup or 1/3 will help us shake the cup.

(2) Wine is alive, this "sleeping beauty" will slowly wake up after pouring into the glass, and then come into contact with the air to release its aroma. Pouring half a cup or 1/3 of the portion will help the wine to contact with the largest area of the air, and promote its speed of awakening. On the contrary, if it is poured too full, the contact area will become smaller, and "Sleeping Beauty" won't wake up so easily.

(3) Half a glass or 1/3 of a glass of wine can still leave enough space for the wine glass. In this way, the aroma of the wine can be kept in the glass to the greatest extent. We can try to feel the charm of the wine when we smell the aroma. On the contrary, it was poured too full and the aroma of the wine volatilized into the air, making it less intoxicating.

(4) Shaking wine glass with "wine tears" on the wall.  Wine tears are commonly known as hanging glasses, because wine contains a lot of alcohol, and alcohol evaporates faster than water, so it will gather above the liquor.  Under the influence of gravity, the wine began to flow downward, and the alcohol stayed on the wall of the glass for a short time, forming tears.  If a glass of wine is too full, you will not see this phenomenon of hanging glasses.

(5) Of course, half a glass or 1/3 of a glass of wine will also look more beautiful and elegant!

Why can't you fill a glass of wine?
Of course, drinking wine is often a private matter, and it pays attention to fun and interest.  Sometimes, to relax, it’s okay to fill a glass of bold drink with friends. These frames are for reference only , and drinking happy is the most important thing!

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