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How Far Are You From The Ideal Wine Cellar?

The wine cellar is like a comfortable nest for wine, The ideal wine cellar should meet the following basic requirements:

How Far Are You From The Ideal Wine Cellar?
Temperature: The temperature requirements of wine are harsh. The normal aging temperature of wine is between 10℃~16℃, and the highest temperature should not exceed 24℃, otherwise the wine will be destroyed. But the most important thing is that the temperature must be constant and stable, because temperature changes not only cause expansion and contraction of the wine, it is easy for the wine to seep out of the cork and accelerate the oxidation of the wine. The most important thing is that the sudden change in temperature will cause the wine to age during the aging process. Unwanted substances are produced, causing flavor variation and even deterioration. So as long as it can maintain a constant temperature of 5°C to 20°C, it is acceptable, but a wine cellar that is too cold will make the wine grow slowly and have to wait a longer time. If it is too hot, it will mature too quickly, and it will be less rich and detailed. Therefore, constant temperature control is the key to wine cellar design.
How Far Are You From The Ideal Wine Cellar?
Humidity: The purpose of ventilation is to maintain better air in the wine cellar. Too much alcohol volatilizes and the air is not smooth, which will form flammable gas accumulation, which is more dangerous. Better air is also conducive to the breathing of the staff and helps keep the wine cellar dry.  In addition, many wines breathe strongly, and foreign odors can easily enter the bottle through the cork and cap, and even be absorbed by the wine.  Particular attention should be paid to prevent items with strong odors such as detergents, pickles, stinky tofu, cheese, etc. from entering the wine cellar.  Humidity of about 55%-75% is good for wine storage. Too wet will easily rot the cork and wine label, and too dry will cause the cork to dry out and lose its elasticity, making it impossible to seal the bottle tightly.  The humidity control is also a problem that needs attention during the construction of the wine cellar.

Shock: Vibration interference can also easily cause premature wines. For example, wine cellars near railways or earthquake sources often deteriorate the wine quality.  According to wine experts, the style of wine that has been shaken can change a lot.  Many "delicate" wines often need to "rest" for two weeks after long-term earthquakes (such as transportation shocks) to restore their original style.

How Far Are You From The Ideal Wine Cellar?

Light: Natural lighting is disadvantageous for wine storage.  Natural light, especially direct sunlight, is likely to cause sick wine. Natural light may also aggravate the oxidation process of wine, resulting in weak taste, turbidity, and discoloration.  It is best to use artificial lighting in the wine cellar, and the intensity and method of lighting should be appropriately controlled.
How Far Are You From The Ideal Wine Cellar?
Private family wine cellars have become the general trend. As an urban wine family, are you really far from it?
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