Composition of the Wine Cellar Climate Control System

A smart wine cellar climate control system is arranged in the wine cell for detecting the temperature and humidity change of the wine cellar. The feature is that the temperature and humidity control device of the smart cellar comprises a single chip microcomputer, a liquid crystal display circuit of the stabilized power supply circuit, relay circuit, reset circuit, function button circuit, crystal oscillator circuit, temperature and humidity sensor circuit, oxygen concentration sensor and alarm circuit. The single chip microcomputer is respectively connected with the stabilized power supply circuit, the liquid product display circuit relay circuit reset circuit, the function button circuit, the crystal oscillator circuit, the temperature and humidity sensor circuit oxygen concentration sensor and the alarm circuit.

When the temperature and or humidity of the wine cellar and the oxygen concentration exceed the climate threshold range or the oxygen concentration threshold range, the MCU controls the alarm circuit to perform an over-temperature or super-wet alarm and an oxygen-deficient alarm. And through the relay circuit control to adjust the temperature and humidity of the wine cellar and oxygen concentration to Maintain the proper temperature and humidity range and oxygen concentration of the wine cellar.
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