Comparison of different types of cellar cooling systems

1. Comparison of integral and split wine cellar cooling systems

The integral wine cellar cooling system, as the name suggests, is a wine cellar cooling system that includes a condenser and an evaporator. The well-known "through-the-wall" unit is an integral control system. This system takes up some space in the wine cellar, but is very simple and effective.

On the other hand, a split system means that the condenser and evaporator are separated from each other and connected by copper pipes. The efficiency of the wine cellar cooling system is almost the same, but it is quieter and occupies little or no storage space in the wine cellar, because in most cases, the ceiling void space is large enough to accommodate the evaporator unit.

2. Comparison of tube and tubeless wine cellar cooling system

Although a wall-through unit or a tubeless split unit (the entire or at least the evaporation part is located in the wine cellar) can be regarded as an example of a "tubeless system", when the evaporator itself cannot or does not want to be located in the wine cellar (in any On the wall or in the ceiling void), a "tube system" is required. The wine cellar cooling system provides great flexibility in design, allowing maximum use of the space in the wine cellar, including increased ceiling height.

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