Choose the Right Temperature Control System for Your Wine Cellar

Temperature control is a significant part of any wine cellar design. Here are some useful tips to ensure you choose the correct temperature control system for your wine cellar.

1. Why do we need temperature control?

Temperature control is the key to any wine cellar. Maintaining the correct temperature in the wine cellar will help preserve the valuable wine you invest until it reaches its optimal age. Some wines take ten years or more to reach maturity, so the wine temperature control unit's quality and longevity are critical. Wine is a kind of creature which can breathe. For wine, heat will cause it to age faster than expected. Humidity can also cause damage to wine. The ideal relative humidity in the cellar is 50% to 70%. The high humidity helps keep the water inside the wine instead of eventually entering the cork and then evaporating.

2. Choose the right wine cellar temperature control

Commercial-grade refrigeration equipment should be used in the wine cellar. There are several temperature control options according to the wine cellar's design and requirements. The piping system is completely independent and flexible, which is one of the most versatile cooling systems. Its design is easy to install and maintain while providing the best temperature and humidity control. It is a prevalent choice for commercial and residential wine storage options.

The humidifier controls the moisture in the air. They can be applied in a ducted and ducted split system, either as an integrated device or as a stand-alone device. Depending on the model you choose, they can be used with any wine cellar air conditioning system. They are designed to increase humidity levels in commercial or residential wine cellars of all types and sizes.

Temperature control is a crucial part of any wine cellar or wine room, so be sure to choose the appropriate option.

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