Choice of Cellar Air Conditioning

The cellar air conditioning is the "heart" of the entire wine cellar. Once there is a problem with the choice of wine cellar, all the wines may be scrapped. Therefore, you must be cautious when choosing a wine cellar air conditioner, and avoid blind selection. At present, the wine cellar air conditioners on the market are roughly divided into two categories, one is domestically produced wine cellar air conditioners; the other is mainly wine cellar air conditioners introduced by European and American countries. Domestically produced wine cellars are mainly mainframes, mostly more than one. The domestic wine cellar has high power, good cooling effect, convenient installation and rapid maintenance. In addition to the expensive price, the power of the imported wine cellar is small, the power is small, there is no after-sales, and the stability is not necessarily better than that of the domestic machine. Therefore, it is recommended not to import air conditioners.

Simple judgment method when choosing:

1. Look at the appearance. The domestic wine cellar air conditioner is generally meticulously crafted, and the design is closer to the actual requirements of wine storage. The imported machine is mainly integrated machine, with low power and general workmanship.

2. Look at performance. The cellar air conditioning is a special air conditioner, of course, to play its unique constant low temperature and moisturizing function. The import machine can only have one effect, that is, constant temperature. However, the domestic machine is improved in the function of the constant temperature and humidity unit, which is more suitable for wine storage requirements and can be more convenient for the storage user.

3. Check the root cause. Check the manufacturer's main products and history, and see if the manufacturer has the ability to professional wine cellar air conditioning. The wine cellar is an electrical appliance. Several major air conditioner manufacturers at home and abroad hardly produce wine cellar air conditioners. Because the output is too small to meet the requirements of the production line, it has to be produced by special air-conditioning manufacturers, which also causes the high production cost of the equipment. However, the manufacturers of large-scale wine cellars in foreign countries are basically OEM production in China. Why bother to buy and import machines from home to abroad?

4. At present, most of the market's wine air conditioners are made in China. The basic functions of the manufacturing process and the imported products are basically the same. The biggest advantage of domestic products is that they can be followed up after sale, and the maintenance cost is low.
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