Cellar Humidifier: the Cellar Humidity Control Equipment

For those who truely know or love wine, wine is alive, and the storage environment requirements are much more demanding. Therefore, if you want to preserve the wine, you must have a wine cellar with the right storage conditions. Actually, humidity control is a fundamental part of wine cellar design, and a constant humidity environment must be maintained. Generally, it is most appropriate to keep the humidity between 60%-75% in the wine cellar.

Only by maintaining a constant humidity environment can the long-term storage of wine in the wine cellar be unaffected, which is a feature of a qualified wine cellar. Theoretically, the humidity in the wine cellar cannot be lower than 50% RH. Otherwise, in the low humidity and dry wine cellar, the cork is prone to shrinkage and cracking, which will cause the air to enter and cause the wine to oxidize and deteriorate. After waiting for a few years, the wine may have already become grape vinegar, which is heartbreaking.

Moreover, the humidity of the wine cellar also determines the evaporation of the wine. In a low humidity and dry environment, the wooden barrel will be dehydrated and cracked due to the dry environment, resulting in the natural evaporation of the wine in the barrel, and the evaporation volume is about 15%. For example, a barrel of 60 gallons of wine will lose 4 gallons of wine after evaporation, causing additional waste and loss.

Therefore, many wine cellars now choose to use the corresponding wine cellar humidifier to adjust the humidity effectively so that the wine cellar's humidity can meet the storage requirements of wine!

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