Can Your Wine Cellar "Breathe"?

1. Requirements for the construction of wine cellar

We often hear about that people who love wine complain about not being able to drink pure wine. The wine taken out of the wine cellar will suffer from all kinds of situations caused by the unsuitability of temperature and humidity, such as the damage in the trademark because of the moisture. It is really awkward to entertain friends and family with such a wine. Or the quality of the wine changed because the temperature is too high, which leads to the result that drinking wine is simply more uncomfortable than drinking medicine, and you may feel disgraced in many aspects. Many people spend a lot of money building wine cellars to store wine, but later find that the temperature in the cellar is completely out of control. Of course, there are two requirements for the construction of the wine cellar generally:

(1) The selection of temperature in the wine cellar

The long-term storage of wine requires a constant temperature, which is approximately from 8°C to 18°C. It is ideal if the wine can be stored at a temperature of 10°C to 12°C. If stored with a temperature of below 8°C, the wine will enter into a dormant state, greatly weakening its maturation process. Above 20°C, the wine will mature quickly, which means it will lose its beautiful color, fresh taste and rich aroma in a short time.

(2) The selection of humidity in the wine cellar

The humidity of an ideal wine cellar should be between 60% and 70%. Excessive humidity will cause the wine's trademark to rot and fall off, making the wine stopper moldy and go bad. Too low humidity is more harmful, which will dry out the wine cork, causing air to enter the wine, and the wine will also deteriorate.

2. The advantages of Thenow wine cellar air conditioner

In reality, many people will fall into a misunderstanding of wine storage and often use refrigerators to store wine, but they have to admit that the lower the temperature in the refrigerator, the more dry it will be, and it is not suitable for the "survival" of wine. Moreover, the condensation in the refrigerator is even more troublesome. Therefore, this method is only suitable for the short-term storage of wine, while the long-term storage of wine will become the "culprit" that accelerates the deterioration of wine quality. It can be seen that rapid changes in temperature can cause great damage to wine, so constant temperature is the basic principle followed by owners of wine cellars. Therefore, in response to the above demanding requirements, we will recommend the Thenow wine cellar air conditioner in the following:

With a beautiful appearance, it is high-end and decent. The temperature and humidity are automatically controlled by the microcomputer. The user sets the temperature and humidity values that need to be controlled to automatically stop the machine; When the temperature and humidity are higher than the set values, it automatically starts. Automation and 365-day cycle stable operation can be realized with one-time setting, which also gets rid of the problem of always worrying about machine setting, so that you can work and live with peace of mind. Control methods include: Single-chip control, PLC controller, remote monitoring of computer and mobile phone, USB data download, etc. In terms of installation, it can be surface-mounted or hoisted, and users can choose independently.

Thenow adopts advanced technology, repeated testing and repeated evaluation to ensure that each machine strictly meets the quality standards and requirements, so that you can use it with peace of mind. You are welcome to contact us to purchase products.

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