What Determines the Taste of Wine?

There are many factors that determine the taste of wine. They are roughly the following four types: grape variety, terroir (territory soil and climate), brewer, and harvest year.

What Determines the Taste of Wine

grape variety

There are many varieties of grapes used in wine, each with a unique personality, the personality of the grape will be presented in the wine, different grapes, different wine personality, as you know, wine variety is the basis of wine taste.

So what makes each grape variety different? There are mainly the following aspects:Different factors, such as grain size, skin thickness, color, amount and density of pigment, amount of tannin and quality, and adaptability of soil and climate, will lead to changes in aroma, acidity, and astringency, taste, sugar and color of wine.


The meaning of terroir is the unique land and climatic conditions of a producing area, such as temperature, sunshine, precipitation and other climatic factors, as well as soil topography and other land factors, these factors are different, the taste and depth of wine will also be different.

What Determines the Taste of Wine1


Both wine and grapes are agricultural products. The production of wine starts from farm work. Furthermore, the extraction of wine ingredients determines the taste of wine. The skills and enthusiasm of the brewer have a great influence on wine.

Harvest year

The harvest year we are talking about is the harvest year of the grapes used in the wine. The sunshine level, temperature, and weather at the time of harvest will have an important impact on the grapes.

What Determines the Taste of Wine2

The harvest time and harvest method are very important. As the grapes mature and the sugar content increases, the acidity will decrease. It is also important to determine how to harvest. In addition, it is necessary to determine whether the machine is suitable for harvesting or manual harvesting.

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