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It is well known that there are four factors effecting on indoor air quality: temperature, humidity, cleanliness and freshness, which correspond to refrigeration/heating, humidification/dehumidification, purification and fresh air requirements. With the people's continuous improvement on IAQ, cooling/heating related to temperature, cleanliness and freshness, the fresh air purification industry has entered a period of vigorous development, while the neglect of humidity has always affected people's cognition on humidity control products. However, humidity directly affects the comfort of people living in the environment. Excessive humidity will rust the electrical parts in the home, and the food will be mildewed, which will affect the service life of the furniture. How to scientifically and reasonably control the environmental humidity has become an urgent problem to be solved.

As a leading provider of air purification system solutions, Thenow has always focused on the design, development, manufacturing and sales of fresh air ventilator, ventilating dehumidifier and wine cellar air-conditioning products, and meets users' indoor air quality requirements with technological innovation, intelligent technology, high performance and excellent quality. Thenow ventilating dehumidifier was developed by our R&D team as the specifically products to regulate indoor humidity and solve air pollution.
Thenow Dehumidification Fresh Air System

Generally speaking, the comfortable relative humidity of the human environment is between 40% and 60%. The specific humidity that feels comfortable is related to the temperature at that time, so the humidity is not steady after it is set. For example, the temperature is between 18 ° C and 23 ° C, and the relative humidity is controlled at 50% to 60%, the body feels comfortable. When the temperature is between 23 ° C and 28 ° C, the comfortable relative humidity is 40% to 50%. So, how does Thenow's  ventilating dehumidifier work after the dehumidification instruction is issued?

Thenow Dehumidification Fresh Air System

Thenow ventilating dehumidifier fan indraft humid air into the machine, the compressor refrigeration system reduces the surface of the evaporator below the dew point of the air. When the humid air passes through the evaporator, the water vapor condensation into liquid and float at the surface, then the flows along the hydrophilic platinum on the evaporator to the accumulated water and then flows to the drain, and after heated by the condensation heat recovered, the dry and warm clean air supplied to the room. This cycle makes the indoor humidity always in the most comfortable state of the human body.

Thenow Dehumidification Fresh Air System

Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. The reason why Thenow ventilating dehumidification system has such excellent and constant dehumidification effect, apart from the devoted research and development team, also relies on the core components of high quality and foreign origin. Thenow ventilating dehumidification system adopts the world-class compressor - Danfoss, which is more stable and efficient than other brands of compressors. R134A environmentally friendly refrigerant has better cooling effect, zero ozone emission, higher energy efficiency and energy saving in the atmosphere. In addition, the motor used in our unit is a German brand- EBM DC brushless motor, which with full frequency conversion. EBM DC brushless motor fan has powerful performance, stable effect, new wind introduction speed, automatic regulation of speed according to fresh air demand, and quiet energy saving.

Thenow Dehumidification Fresh Air System

Thenow dehumidification fresh air system, has the function of dehumidification and ventilation in one unit, also can purification of the incoming air. The outdoor air will pass through the 3-layer filters before entering the room. First, it passes through the pre filter to filter the large particles, such as dust and soft flocks, and then enters the medium filter to remove out 1-5um of dust and a variety of suspended solids, finally pass through the H13 HEPA filter to remove small particles such as PM2.5, after this three stage purification indoor air quality will be improved.

Thenow Dehumidification Fresh Air System is small in size and available in a variety of models. It can be mounted on a ceiling and space saving to meet the demands of different room types.
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