Thenow Group, the 2020 New Year's Conference is grandly held

On January 8, 2020, the Thenow Group's "Contrarian · Generation" 2019 Summary and Commendation Conference and the 2020 New Year's Annual Conference were grandly held.  All employees gathered together with the joy of a bumper harvest and a bright for the future, and shared the glorious achievements of 2019 and looked forward to the new 2020.
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At the beginning of the annual meeting, Mr. Jianmin  Zhang, the chairman of the group, greeted all employees with a new year's greeting, affirmed the efforts of all the people and promises in 2019, and delivered a speech.  From Mr. Zhang's report, we see that 2019 is a challenging year and a new year of inheritance. For China, it is an important time node. The entire market has entered the era of low profit, but for Thenow,on the contrary, we continue to scale and industrialize, while improving product quality and optimizing cost control.  Therefore, in the most difficult time point that everyone thinks, Thenow promises a contrarian growth.  At the same time, from the report of President Zhang, we saw the development direction and implementation plan of the future group, which greatly encouraged all of us and made us more confident in the future.

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At the same time, Mr.Zhibin  Wang , the general manager of Apuda Business Development Center, shared the performance reports of the Group's business units. From the report, we saw that the performance of each business unit maintained a rapid growth.  And made a general layout for the marketing of each product line in 2020, and planned specific action goals.

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Of course, the efforts of the operations center are equally obvious.  As the strongest backing of the marketing sector, Ms. Yinglu Dong, the general manager of the Thenow Operation Center, released the 2019 operation reports of the Group's industrial parks.  From the perspectives of R & D, production, innovation, etc., we shared the achievements of the Group's operating center in 2019, and through industrialization, scale, and the coordination capabilities of various operating centers, the entire group faced the era of small profits,we have Greater confidence and strength.

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In the past 2019, the Group has also emerged a large number of outstanding teams and individuals.  With full enthusiasm and down-to-earth working style, they fully expressed the group's core values of ‘diligence, integrity, modesty and innovation.’  At the conference, we collectively witnessed the achievements and honors achieved in 2019.  A total of 55 teams and 158 individuals, they have been awarded ‘Excellent employees’, ‘Excellent managers’, ‘Excellent groups’, ‘Improvement award’, ‘Innovation award’, ‘Invention award patent’, ‘Most beautiful Apuda’, ‘People of the Year ‘and many other awards.
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The rich dinners, wonderful evenings and exciting lottery draw the annual meeting to a climax.  We have also seen the passion and vitality of all employees. On the stage, they are energetic performers, and they are hardworking hard workers at work.
Finally, I believe that in 2020, we will create our own history and create a more brilliant tomorrow!
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