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The Relationship between Professional Wine Cellars and Wine

We are born to encounter a lot of things, go into a lot of situations, regardless of our emotional state, happy, sad, we can express our state of mind in a liquid, and this liquid can be wine. It is soft, delicate, mellow, long, it in the tip of the tongue dance out of a variety of melodies, leading us into the wonderful fantasy journey.

If we become wine enthusiasts, we will want to match the right beverages for different occasions and delicious dishes. We have a rich wine collection and a large quantity, and we want a wine storage room.  In reality, it is difficult for people living in big cities to have a room to maintain wine at 11 to 12 degrees Celsius all year round, and people's collections are often limited by their own tastes and consumption habits, storage capacity, price and other factors.Then, many people came up with the idea of a private wine cellar

First of all, building a private wine cellar requires knowing the five elements of Tibetan wine.

First, the constant temperature wine cellar.  As we all know, the constant temperature of 11 to 12 degrees Celsius is suitable for long-term preservation of wine.  In fact, this number is not critical, because wine can also be stored for two to three years in a dry environment where the temperature is stable at 16 to 18 degrees Celsius.  The key is to avoid the sudden cold and hot temperatures, which is the fatal factor affecting the quality of wine.

Second, the constant humidity wine cellar.  The humidity of the wine cellar should be between 60% and 75%, so that one can ensure that the stopper does not dry out, and the other can prevent moisture from breeding mold.  If conditions permit, a cellar with rammed ground, stone walls, and deep underground can't be better.  The French reduced this rule to one sentence: ‘The more steps to the cellar, the better the cellar.’

Third, ventilated wine cellars.  Clean air and the absence of odors are also important for wine collection, as wine is "breathed" by corks.  If your cellar is next to a boiler, or if cleaning supplies are stacked, it is not suitable for wine storage.

Fourth, avoidlight wine cellar.  Darkness is also a protection for wine, because light accelerates the oxidation of wine.

Fifth, Vibration-proof wine cellar, The bottle should be placed on its side. Avoid shaking and shaking frequently, or the wine will deteriorate quickly.  In addition, there is another reason why the wine bottle is placed horizontally, that is, keep the stopper in contact with the wine liquid to keep it moist, and then prevent the air from entering and causing the wine to smellstrange.

Having said that, we probably know some knowledge about building a wine constant temperature cellar.  If we are unable to build our own private wine cellar due to various conditions, we can also choose a wine cabinet that is more suitable for living.